Tuesday 9/1/09

Before I get to the WOD, I want to address a couple of things. First, a couple of times this weekend, I came into the gym and saw it in complete disarray. If you are going to use the facility, then you need to make sure you police up after yourselves. Chances are that it is not anyone who actively reads this page. So if you see it, take charge and make sure people are doing the right thing. If I catch it happening, it will be burpees until you puke.

Secondly, CrossFit as most of you know, is a purposeful conditioning program. You may not see it all of the time, but believe it or not there is a method to the madness of the programming. One other very important part of the program is the coaching. On Monday morning, there was a big group in the '62 room. The main group was getting after it on he pull up bars and mats. Off on the sides, we had a couple other groups doing some other variation of a CF WOD. On multiple occasions, I saw abysmal form being used and no one correcting it or stopping it. I cannot in good conscience, and neither will the other trainers, allow anyone to hurt themselves because they are not being coached correctly. Neither should you. My focus is on the main group and it will continue to be. But in the future I will simply stop other groups if I see what I saw today. The reason for this is simple. If someone gets hurt doing a CF workout and it is because they were not being coached properly, no one will care that they were not doing the prescribed workout of the day. They will only care that they were doing CF. That will shut our program down faster than anything. I am not saying that you have to do Black and Gold programming, but if you are going to do your own workouts and call it CrossFit, make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. If you have any questions, PLEASE come see me or one of the other trainers we will gladly help you out.

Okay, onto the WOD. I got this from CrossFit New England's Summer Throwdown. They will be doing an affiliate cup type competition in the late fall if there are any interested parties. I would love to flood the zone with B&G CrossFitters. Teams will be 3 athletes per team with at least 1 woman.

Additionally, in this WOD you will see three divisions: Black, Grey, Gold. For the description of which one you fall into see below.

Black--You have been doing CF for over 6 months. You are familiar with and able to do the fundamental movements correctly. You can complete most WODs as Rx'd. The coaching you receive focuses on fine tuning and becoming more efficient.

Grey--You have been doing CF for a few months but still struggle with some of the movements at Rx'd weight. Coaching you receive is focused on one or two of the points of performance for the movement. (Most people fall into this category)

Gold--You are new to CF and you need good quality coaching. You need to be focused on form over speed. Lighter weights and scaling are your friend because you can still workout at a high intensity and not injure yourself. All the while getting your bags smoked on a regular basis (Everyone has been in this category)

When a workout comes along that is easily scalable. I will list the weights for the workout in these categories under the following format (men/women). There is no shame in dropping down a division. I would rather see that, than you trying to push yourself into a group you have no business being in and getting hurt or sacrificing form.

"The Lot"

For time

Two rounds of:

3 x Overhead Squats
6 x Jerks
9 x Front Squats
12 Power Cleans
500m run (Around the Commandant's and Supe's Houses)

Black: 135lb/95lb
Grey: 95lb/65lb
Gold: 65lb/45lb

You must complete this workout in 15 minutes. If you have any question as to whether or not you can do it in that time, drop down to the next division.

Post time and division to comments.


Dubbs said...

Used 115 LBs


Next time we'll see if I can finish with 135.

Dubbs said...

By the way, thanks for the push Jason.

derekmeatwad said...

135lbs 9:12 with a 10 burpee penalty, thank Maj. Blackmon

Sodak said...


Vanilla Gorilla said...

95 lbs

8:51 Rx'd

Gregg said...

135, 13:08, form was horendous

Mark R said...

14:13 @ 115#
Thanks Chad for the help at the end!

Anonymous said...


Grey group

ChadC said...
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ChadC said...

8:55 @ 115#
Need to do the full weight next time.

Stroh's Lite said...

9:44 at 95# although a still a smoker WOD, probably too little weight.

I thought my OHS would be too shaky with 135... definately could have done 115.

Thanks to MAJ Borovi"chka" for the coaching. This WOD really improves with a honest coach.

Paul Mary said...

6 rounds (2 minute break after 3rd round)

30x single arm kettle bell swing

1 min of mountain climbers

8x each side kettle bell pushups

1 mile on stationary bike (as fast as possible) on lvl 14

1 min plank with feet on box

Anonymous said...

Approx. 9 min (the watch gave up on me today), with 115 lbs. Could have done the full 135 for everything but those overhead squats, so know what I need to work on.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

11:00 with a 30 second penalty for being outside during revelie.

Paul Mary--Looks like a good workout. Would caution you on exercises like the plank and mountain climbers. Although they are good for smoking you, I'm not sure they are functional. Remember CF is contantly varied, high intensity, FUNCTIONAL movements. Functional means, happens in nature and can be tied to a movement that in necessary to live. If you need more explanation on this come see me and we can talk about it.

VW said...

11:26 with 115 pounds. OHS was the limiting factor.

SB said...

14:18 w/95lbs

Jason said...

12:38 w/ 135lbs

The OHS killed me. My form was not very good either. I should have gone deeper.
I think 135 was a little ambitious for me today and I should have done 115.

Joseph said...

65 lbs


Focusing on form but still can do better in that department. Practice make perfect I guess.

Tex said...

620m run route


I had the most trouble with the power cleans. I was just so gassed by the second set of PCs that I took forever. This was the first time that I have ever strung together more than 1 OHS or Jerk with 135lbs, much less 3 and 6.

NM said...

12:05. I scaled the OHS to 95 lbs and then did 135 lbs for everything else. Still need lots of work on my OHS form.

Jake said...

11:11 with 95lb

It is hard to decide what my biggest goat is but I am settling for general strength until it improves!

JJ said...

8:49 as Rx'd 135#.
I had trouble with full ROM on the OHS, and had to do a couple extra. No Burpees penalties, those would have been killers though...

MBK said...

Used 95 lbs

8:44...prolly should have done 115 lbs

westpointlefty said...

1030 @ 95lb

Anonymous said...

11:14 with 115#. OHS brought me down or else 135 couldve been done, but still smoked

TMoney said...

12:06 at 65 lbs

I definitely need practice on the OHS.

CM said...

11:29 w/ 95#

Demet-hook said...

135 lbs not as RX'd (couldn't finish 2nd set of OHS)

My OHS were pretty bad. My form has gotten a lot better, but I couldn't handle the weight. Need to work on this. Definately a goat

Demet-hook said...

time was 14:09