Wednesday 9/2/09

For time.

100 x Medicine ball squat clean (20lb/12lb)
100 x Push up
100 x Sit up


After a short rest and complete.

Max rep pull ups

Post time and number of reps to comments.

If you are interested in putting together the WOD for CrossFit Friday this week shoot me an email or come by and see me so we can get you dialed in.


Anonymous said...

Is this done all the way through? Or in sets at your discretion?

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Done all the way through.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

8:54 as rx'd
25 Pull Ups
Harder than it looks.

Dubbs said...

Had nothing this morning.

Did it backwards.

20 Pullups

13:07 for the workout in reverse order.

Mark R said...

20:43 - cleans took forever
32 Pull Ups(PR)

Jason said...


26 Pullups. I just couldn't hold onto the bar any more. I need to work on my grip.

Mark, great job on the 2nd PR this week.

JJ said...

33 pull-ups
12:59 as Rx'd
Then 27 pullups (Lost my rhythm and my grip, not much to start with...)

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

I was so gassed this morning and still out of it when I wrote my original post. So after looking at it, I realized it made no sense. Anyway...

14:00 WOD

30 pull ups

This will be the third day in a row of WOD in the morning and Ultimate Frisbee games in the afternoon. My sprinting is definately getting some work and my legs are shot. Old age is catching up to me. Stairs are a fun new obsticle today as well thanks to the Med Ball cleans.

Vanilla Gorilla came by my office and told me that he realizes he did not do the squat cleans to standard and will be going back later to do a redo. That's dedication at its finest. Or maybe he just didn't want me to post another picture of him in the rack, I don't know.

Let me know if you want to plan CF Friday this week. Otherwise you will leave it up to my sick, twisted mind and I have some doosies.

Sam said...


24 Pullups

Dubbs said...

Forgot to say I did air squats instead of med ball cleans too...time crunch and no med balls available.

derekmeatwad said...

didn't get to the situps because of formation

21PU, not the best day

Jake said...

18:25 as rx'd

The med ball cleans destroyed me and coule have looked better.

22 Pull Ups before grip gave. Like Jason, I need to work on my grip!

NM said...

33 pull-ups

Lot of great coaching and improvement on Med Ball Cleans this AM. Like many others w/pull-ups, I gotta improve grip strength as well.

ChadC said...


22 pull-ups

Paul Mary said...

11:00 as rx'd

11 pullups
+11 pullups with green band

CD said...

18:00 as rx'd. 7 pullups - grip was failing, but the kipping is starting to come together.

Tex said...

13:38 as rx'd
feet not held on situps

17 strict pull-ups

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Redo of this morning's workout:
As rx'd 11:30
20 Pull Ups
It was the grip on this one that went frist. My efficiency is also lacking with stringing more than 25 Pull Ups together.

Demet-hook said...


20 Pullups...weeeaaakkkk

Anonymous said...

13:11 for me. Lots of pushups have been done at Pt in the morning. Thought the pectorals might rip.

22 pullups

Stroh's Lite said...

22:30 WOD
17 pu's

I did many more than 100 per exercise due to bad form... Honesty hurts in CF... Med ball is really easy to do improperly and not realize it.

VW said...

13:00 with 28 pullups

AjC said...

Didnt make the workout this morning, but i did the workout during Dean's hour. 23 min and only 3 pullups

MBK said...

15:04 as Rx'd

17 Pull Ups

Joseph said...

22 mins

15 pu

westpointlefty said...

14:27 with 16 Pull ups

CM said...

14 PUs