Monday 9/21/09


For time.

21-15-9 reps of:

Handstand push ups
Ring dips
Push ups

Post time to comments.


Dubbs said...

14:13 (PR)

21 straight HSPU to start was a PR also.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

8:33 With band HSPU

I also got 21 HSPU which was a PR but I think I burned too much gass too qucikly. Thanks again to Major Richards for help with form at the end.

Jason said...

12:54(PR) as Rx'd Improved by 1:14 since early August.

Hit muscle failure on my first HSPU of the 15. I had a really tough time from there. I need to work on endurance. A tough WOD and great effort from everyone this AM.

SB said...

13:25 with band HSPU/ring dips
did 7x free HSPUs at the start.
talk about shoulder isolation

LDO said...

At MWR gym.
Propped my feet on the smith machine rack for HSPU.
Subbed regulard dips


Regular dips were difficult -- understand ring dips are all the more difficult

off to CATC now.

Mac said...

10:26, with band supported HSPUs. While not a huge burner of a WOD, I would definitely call it humbling, and a great way to start the week.

Mark R said...

Blue band for 21 & 7 of 2nd set, green band for remaining sets

NM said...

10:58. Did first 10 HSPUs as rx'd, then all rest with bands.

Tex said...

34:27 as rx'd

I told myself that I was going to do every HSPU the right way and paid dearly in time. Plus, no bands were available.

gmh22 said...

got the first 21 HSPUs

Jake said...

16:47 = OUCH!

I got 12 HSPU and 12 ring dips on the first set before going to bands.

I found three more goats this morning...I think I need to have a goat sale!

CM said...

All HSPUs were band-assisted and most of the dips were as well.

This WOD was much harder than I anticipated!

JJ said...

10:16 - didn't feel as fast as last time, had to break up sets in the second and third rounds...

Maj said...

no assistance

Zachary said...

did this with a partner.
used bands for HSPUs and had a spot for the dips.

cant feel my upper body

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

10:21...shoulders are wrecked.

Jimmy said...

had to sub Burpees for ring dips since I had no gym access.

Bernie said...

13:59 as rx'd and following two sets of "death by 10 meters". I LOVE death by 10 meters!

VW said...

14:00 with hspus assisted on a squat rack. need to build my strength up on those.

Demet-hook said...

Posting really late:

12:47 as RX'd