CrossFit Friday 9/4/09

Meet at 0530 in front of Arvin.

We will warm up by jogging up to Michie Stadium.


For time.

Start on the southern goal line.

Run 100 yards down and back
10 x Burpees
Run 90 yards down and back
9 x Burpees
Run 80 yards down and back
8 x Burpees
Run 70 yards down and back
7 x Burpees
Run 60 yards down and back
6 x Burpees
Run 50 yards down and back
5 x Burpees
Run 40 yards down and back
4 x Burpees
Run 30 yards down and back
3 x Burpees
Run 20 yards down and back
2 x Burpees
Run 10 yards down and back
1 x Burpee


2 rounds of:

Run one lap of stadium stairs (lower level) in a up and over pattern
50 squats

Finish up on the Black Knight at the 50 yard line.

Post time to comments.

We will take a picture for posterity and send it to the CrossFit main site to show them how we take are leading the way in physical fitness in the Army.


Vanilla Gorilla said...


What an amazing group this morning and what a way to kick off the long weekend.

Jason said...


Great showing today. Tony, way to push man. You never let me catch back up to you.

ChadC said...



JJ said...


Way to earn the weekend!

SB said...

Great WOD! Mental gut check for sure! We should call that WOD the
"12th Man"

Jersey Hooah said...


Underestimated the sprints, but I feel great. Go Army!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

28:30..great group this morning. I think more workouts like that are to follow. After we get the W this weekend in E Michigan, I think we will see this grow even more. Loved doing the WOD on the field and the stairs were a definate suck. Everyone was really motivated. Our 12th man has to be the most in shape 12th man in College Football.

Go Army!!

MBK said...


Chewy said...


Stairs were brutal, especially for two laps! Great job for everyone

Chewy said...

Also, is there anyway we can get the pictures that were taken this morning? would be pretty cool to have a copy of them...

Jake said...


Great WOD and amazing group this morning. Wish I could have stayed for the picture.

Mike L. said...

Great workout yesterday morning! Working out the kinks today (in Florida). Must workout with Black and Gold more regularly. Beat EMU!!

Mike L.