Saturday 9/5/09 - Sunday 9/6/09

Rest Days.

Go Army! Beat Eastern Michigan!


Tex said...

Black and Gold made it on the main site! Awesome. I really wish that I could have done the WOD with you guys. Maybe in November here at USAFA?

Mike L. said...

Tex --

November is a GREAT idea! On the Thursday prior to the game, Ft Carson is doing a post/installation "Beat Air Force Run" -- the whole installation is coming out to run, led by the CG, 4th ID. Friday after the Thursday run can be a Cross Fit day at USAFA.


Tex said...

30 MU for time:


The first time that I have ever completed the workout. I took the advice and just did 1 at a time.

Jimmy said...

What a Game! Great job Army, 27-14. A lot of firsts here. First win of the season in 12 years. First win on the road. First win by a new head coach (in a long time...not sure when that happened last).