Thursday 9/24/09

For time.

4 rounds of:

3 x Muscle up
6 x 3/4 Body weight front squat
9 x 3/4 Body weight overhead (press, jerk, split jerk etc...)

No racking weight! So if you put it down, you will have to clean it back up before doing the squats or overheads. Just a little extra motivation for you from your very own CF programmer.

Post time to comments.


derekmeatwad said...


Paul Mary said...

Tuesday's WOD +APFT:

3:07, 3:09, 3:06, 3:03

80 PU, 80 SU

Dubbs said...

BW - 175
FS/PJ - 135

12:35 as Rx'd

Chewy said...

Assisted muscle ups
95lbs (Rx'd would be 115lbs)

scaled it down a little too much i think.


JJ said...

BW ~ 170
FS/PJ - 135
11:16 as Rx'd
Great improvements today on the muscle up! Don't be discouraged if the muscle up is still out of reach.

We may also want to look at 4x4 Pull-ups/Dips as effective alternates to the muscle up for those that may still be struggling with the kipping action.

Anonymous said...

13:22, with all but three legit MUs (others were from the kneeling), and 145 lbs (rx'd was 150). MUs definitely slowed down the time, but today I did more MUs than previously combined.

Mark R said...

BW - 195#
FS/PJ - 115# (~60%)

Thanks to McDermott and Whipple for the encouragement/coaching - I needed it!

Jake said...

Did not get through all of the FS/PJ due to time, but got my muscle ups working today. Thanks to Neal and Dan for the coaching!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


9:58 as Rx'd.

Went straight through on both the FS and the overheads but really burned myself out and had a hard time on the last two sets of muscle ups. I got them but it was a mental struggle.

Here's a little piece of advice for those of you who do not have the muscle up. DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! It took me a year of working on them before I could get any and once you get one, they come in droves. Although I agree with JJ on the 4 pull up/4 dip sub as a way to improve, I could do lots of pull ups and lots of dips and still not get a muscle up. The hardest part of the exercise is that transition so you have to work it.

First things first though, you need to be able to do 10-15 good solid ring dips and 5 good chest to bar pull ups before you can realisticly expect to get an unassisted muscle up. So if you don't have one, work on those and seek out coaching in the mean time. You'll get there and when you do, you will have a feeling of satisfaction that is pretty incredible.

SB said...

BW- 170
used 115lbs

time: 13:48
good wod!

VW said...

16:00 with 135# and subbed pullups and dips for muscle ups

Jason said...

BW- 172 (I haven't seen this since I took command 6 years ago)
FS/PJ- 130

8:58 as Rx'd Tough WOD today. Thanks for the push.

Jake, congrats on getting MUs today.

Mark, you were tearing up the PJs. It was motivating to watch.

NM said...


12:58 as Rx'd.

This was tough...heart rate was soaring.

For those struggling with MUs, don't hesitate to pull us aside and ask for help. It took me months to figure these out, but I finally did...Jake has been working on them for significantly less time, but because he wasn't afraid to ask for help, he got 'em this AM...great work.

See you all at CF Friday!

Vanilla Gorilla said...

FS/PJ-120(For the frist 12 then drop to 100)


What a great workout. Thanks for the tips I was able to do multiple sets of MU for the first time.

Worked HSPU afterwards my shoulders are gone =)Looking forward to Friday

Bernie said...

11:00 (including the humiliating punishment burpees) NOT as Rx'ed...

Scaled to 95lbs because I'm still sore as $h!t from completing an ad hoc "30 Muscle Ups" WOD on Sunday and Angie the other day.

Question for the coaches: Does a "true" muscle up require full extension at the bottom? I ask because I've heard a successful Muscle Up defined simply as "moving from below the rings to above the rings." As a Muscle Up newbie, I've been struggling to keep the false grip at the bottom between reps and found that a slight bend and tension in the elbow helps me sustain it. I doubt this is legit, though...?

Thanks for the great WODs BGCF!

Jimmy said...

13 min
Used a 40# dumbell for weighted dips instead of ring dips.

Had to set # down in between sets or my wrists would have popped out of socket.

derekmeatwad said...

10:55 with 155lbs


Tex said...

BW: 155
FS/PJ: 120


After the WOD I got my first non kipping MU ever!

LDO said...

BW: 160
FS/PJ: 115 (perfect load for me... don't know if I could have done many more reps w/ a higher load)
Subbed 4/4 dips/pullups for muscle ups.

Time: watch stoppped midway, estimate time to be 16 minutes.
Great WOD!