CrossFit Remembrance Friday 9/11/09

In remembrance of 9-11-2001, all those whose lives were taken that day, those who gave their lives trying to save others, and those who have paid the price since ensuring it never happens again.

Meet in front of Arvin at 0530 and jog to Michie for a warm-up.

Since our Brave Old Army Team is 1-0 we will remove the hyphen and use the 10. We will also infuse the stadium with the pride and never give up spirit that those of us who wear the flag of our Country all have as we again prove we are the most in shape AND patriotic 12th man in college football.

For time.

10 rounds of:

10 x Push up
10 x Squat
1 x Gasser (Side line to side line and back)


Any way you choose, run ALL the stairs in the stadium. Your weight must be put on every stair, no skipping up or down. Once complete return to the 50 yard line and help encourage those who are still getting after it.

Post time to comments.



Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

B&G (aka Mr. Horribles)- You have got me fired up for tomorrow. See you in the am.

Never forget.

Mark R said...

RIP - CW3 Shawn Benjamin & CPT Kimberly Hampton

SB said...

stopped around 34:00...still had the south end and west bleachers to go.
TOT 1202
OBJ Michie
Beat Duke!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Finished at 32:53. Underestimated the upper deck.
Great crew, rain was a fun addition. Big props to the Michie folks for getting the lights on for us. I appreciate their support. Not many colleges in America would let their student body on the field just before gameday.

Too many names to mention in remembrence so I just remember them all today. God bless America and what we stand for.

BEAT DUKE! Next week I want to be doing 20 reps of something.

derekmeatwad said...

DNF, Go Army Beat Duke, God Bless America

Jimmy said...

Awesome WOD. More puzzling trying to figure the stairs out than I had initially expected. God Bless this country.

"It is better to fight for something than live for nothing."

NM said...

Thoughts and prayers go out to SFC Schuyler Haynes' family, SCT/1-12 CAV and all other Soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice...