Saturday 8/8/09 - Sunday 8/9/09

Rest Days.


Tex said...

Hiked Mt. Elbert (14433 ft.) the trail is about 4.5 miles and climbs 4500 feet in elevation. Total time was 9 hours because one of my fellow hikers was having trouble. I did the whole thing in my five-fingers and the soles of my feet are extremely sore.

Stroh's Lite said...

Just bought my first pair of vbm's... Love them, so far walked 3mi trail and ran 1mi grass... Also sore calves and arches

SB said...

Looking forward to everyone getting back. I am sure DB has something special for the next 2 weeks.

Tex said...


G.I. Jane


I think that the 7000 additional feet of altitude is to blame for the nearly 2:00 slower time. I hope.