Wednesday 8/19/09

For time.

30 x 1 1/2 Body weight dead lift


Run 1 mile. (1 mile route is out of Arvin to Kociusco's Monument and back)

Post time and weight to comments.

Sorry for the late post but you know what they say about patience...


Dubbs said...


Not quite as RX'd...used 245 for DL, RX'd would be about 260-265.

Thanks for the push on the run Andy.

Jason said...

11:58 as Rx'd

BW: 180
DL: 270
Mile: 7:03

SB said...

18:24 at 225lbs (Rx'd=240)
...another of my goats

Anonymous said...

9:20. BW is 200, but used 285 instead of the full 300 (haven't DL'd in a while).
Good turnout, and big improvements on technique and form.

ChadC said...

11:55 at 275 (Rx'd 285, not sure why I didn't just add the extra 10 pounds)

Mark R said...

BW = 190
As rx'd = 285
Scaled to 275 (x5), 225 (x6)

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


Completed as Rx'd in 11:15.

Good group this morning and more importantly, I saw some good coaching out there. Keeping people honest with their form will help you out as a leader and also help you and that person get stronger.

NM said...

BW= 170
DL= 255

11:07 as rx'd with a short break for reveille. Need to work on DL form as I become fatigued...I'm sure I was using more back than I should have towards the last ten reps especially.

Bryce said...


As Rx'd
BW: 195
DL: 300

Tex said...


BW: 155lbs
DL: 245lbs rx'd is 232lbs (some crazy monkey math from mixing english and metric plates)
Mile: 7:04

Gregg said...

17:11, DL about 20 pounds uunder, was trying to work on technique, but my Deadlift is still horendous. Thanks to all for coaching.

richard said...


BW: 180
DL: 225

I havent DL in a while...great workout...I am smoked

CM said...


I did the WOD w/ Jake during C hour. I had never done DLs before so it was a little rough. Thanks to Jake for coaching.
16 @255#
14 @225#

derekmeatwad said...

9:27 as RX'd


Jimmy said...

28:21 (including breaking down the weight then running the mile)

Although this is a big goat of mine, I don't know why it is so slow.
BW is 199 and only used 225#. Although weight is much lighter than what I should have used (300), I made huge improvements since the last time I attempted a WOD like this in NOV 08 (where I could barely do ten at 225#.

Paul Mary said...


dead lift with 15 lbs less than my body wgt

Demet-hook said...

I really sucked on this one. Completely underestimated it. Not as RX'd since I used 225lbs instead of 250lbs. My back and legs felt awful on the run

My time was 14:42...

Jake said...


BW: 180
DL: 255
Mile: Almost 8 min. Took me a good .75 miles to finally break into stride

Grenade said...

18:56. DL. 225. I underestimated the run. My legs hurt so bad.

Joseph said...


BW: 160

Stroh's Lite said...

DL #255- 5:23 (appx 1.25 bodyweight)
Run 1mi- 8:05

Definately DL'd less than I should have (probably could have done #285 in retrospect).

The run was awfully slow, but I was experiencing the joy of my first "fast paced," pavement run in the vibram five fingers working on Pose running method... calves are screaming, but this is to be expected and all part (apparently) of changing stride etc... still awesome on the foot control / stability side.

For more info click

JJ said...

DL 245# - Should have done more, just jumped on a bar that was close.

AL said...


BW: 180

This is one of my goats.

MBK said...


adambo33 said...

BW 190
DL 285 (as rx'd)
15:16 total time. Not sure what my dead lift and run times were. Used alternating grip on left hand for last 10 to 12 reps

Bryce said...


DL was 305. I guess there's a reason I'm not a math major.