Monday 7/20/09


For time.

1 mile run
100 x Pull up
200 x Push up
300 x Squat
1 mile run

Run will begin in Arvin. Take a left as you exit the facility and run to Kosciuszko's Monument and back. That is about 1 mile.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 3/19/09


Sam said...

So much for the strength/power bias

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Starting August Sam...starting in August. See you in the morning

Vanilla Gorilla said...

38:07 (PR)

It wasn't till the second mile I realized that you don't have to complete each exercise before moving on to next one. Great crew this morning.

Mark R said...

40:14 - 6:43, 25:10, 8:20
6 sets of 10/20/30
8 sets of 5/10/15

SB said...

Good to be in there with the 0530 crew.

JJ said...

33:41, think I could have kept better form on the squats, and lost count on the rounds of 5/10/15. Went through 5 rounds of 10/20/30 before dropping down to 5/10/15.

Sam said...
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Sam said...



Need to work on form with squats.

Anonymous said...

I actually completed each exercise before moving on to the next one....thought that was the rule. Judging by other people's times that was a bad mistake. Oh well....I sure was in pain, though. My time was 48 something minutes.

Dubbs said...


Felt good this morning...just kidding.

Did 10 rounds of 10/20/30...slowed me down a lot.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

31:55 (Tied PR)

Felt like I had a trailor hooked up to me on the second mile. Good crew this morning.

Jake said...

That destroyed me and was probably the toughest workout I have done in a decade. Would have enjoyed the suck more if I had been with the crew to do it.
Did all 20 rounds with 5/10/15.

CM said...


That crushed me this morning. I went band-assisted on the last 25 pull-ups.