Tuesday 7/14/09

For time.

9 x Thruster (65lb/45lb)
21 x Burpee
15 x Thruster
15 x Burpee
21 x Thruster
9 x Burpee

Post time to comments.


Tex said...

as rx'd: 6:21

It was great to see so many people out there this morning.

Mark R said...

8:28 - shameful performance. I definitely need to work on thrusters.

Jason said...

5:21 - I almost met pukie this morning. Great WOD.

Sarah said...

6:08 (as rx'd for females)

Gotta love burpees!

Sam said...

5:43 this morning. Rough, but a great workout.

I can honestly say that after a number of years avoiding crossfit, I'm very happy I made the switch.

Minus the fact that my hands seem to get bloodied at least once a week.

Kings said...


Thrusters and Burpees are always a good start to the day.

SB said...

Ran 5 miles with new cadets in about 36:00 over a challenging route and then did today's wod:

6:47 as rx'd
the 21-15-9 reverse combo for the thrusters was tough for sure. Thanks Kingsley for the push.

Mark R said...

The Army's latest fitness initiative - Comprehensive Soldier Fitness:



Jimmy said...

8:59. Still smoked from some late night pt the night prior (which also seemed to make it more difficult to elevate my hr). Great wod.
avg hr: 142
peak hr: 168

Stroh's Lite said...

as rx'd 6:32

I too almost vommitted. Awesome WOD.

Thanks to Ryan Wylie's great tips on burpees and Dan Blackmon's continous O lift form hazing / encouragement on thrusters, I actually was able to go straight through a Fran type WOD...

DanH said...

rx'd - 6:05

Anonymous said...

6:52 as rx'd

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

5:12...another wheelhouse workout for me. Thanks MAJ Richards! Though I will say there is still plenty of room for improvement. I think I waste a lot of time on the Burpees. I lower myself on them instead of just doing the flying leap/dive that I see so many of the really good athletes doing. I guess being 35 does have it's challenges in that I just think I might kill myself doing that. I have to get over it though.

Sorry I missed the crew this morning. I had a great opportunity to play Baltusrol Golf Course yesterday. Definately one of the top courses in the nation. The workout associated was In as few strokes as possible (INFSAP)complete 18 holes of golf. I shot 70. I tell this for two reasons. 1. I'm pretty proud of that score and I feel like bragging a little but more importantly 2. I personally believe that CrossFit has helped my golf game. Not only am I stronger, I feel more fine tuned. Golf, like CrossFit is a core to extremity game. It requires power, strength, coordination, agility, accuracy, balance, flexibility, some stamina if you walk, and even some endurance to stay focused for that length of time. Therefore, without really swinging a club, by doing CrossFit, I have found that my golf game has improved.

I would be intereseted to hear any other sports related improvements.

JJ said...

6:04 - and waiting for another chance to break this

The thrusters were painful, and I have room for improvement in exploding the hips once up.

JJ said...


I noticed I can hit the ball alot further, straighter, and more consistent. Haven't played enough to verify the touch in golf, Sam what do you think?

Jake said...

as rx'd: 8:58
Identified more room for improvement in my PT ability! Thanks for the push this morning.

Sam said...

I would just like to point out that I have always hit the long ball.

Joking aside, I think MAJ Blackmon is right on. I do feel a little bit better/more confident in my swing since I've started. I think that the muscle groups emphasized in crossfit workouts all play a major role in the golf swing--thereby making you a better golfer.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

5:30 as rx'd