Friday 7/24/09


For time.

5 rounds of:

20 x Kettle bell swings (53lb/35lb)
Run 500m (Around Quarters 100 and 101)

Post time to comments.

This one is going to hurt!


Jake said...

I am out of town for the next few days. Will see you all again on Monday.

Dubbs said...


Big mistake trying to keep up with Sarah.

Mark R said...

As rx'd - 16:22
We'll have to do this one at the track some time so we can figure out what our actual "Claudia" time is (400m).

Sarah said...

As rx'd = 15:19

Mark R said...

Interesting Power Output calculator (just for curiosity):

SB said...

15:59 (used 40lbs sandbell instead of KB which was lighter but added a whole new stimulus in terms of grip strength)
afterwards, did some sandbag getups and 35lbs DB bearcrawls

Jimmy said...

Had to do a HR Test for PT today (instead of the WOD). The test consisted of:
5 min warm-up
Run 1 x up Delafield Rd at a med pace
Run 1 x up Dela. Rd at a faster pace
Run 1 x up Dela. Rd. as fast as you can
Run 1 x up Dela Rd as fast as you can
5 min cool down.

The analysis was interesting. My peak HR was 187. I went as hard as I could. However, I been monitoring my HR during High intensity WODs for a few months now and have found that I reach 187 or higher about once a week. A couple of weeks ago, my HR peaked at 190. I am not an exercise expert, but I think this data reinforces the CF methodology of getting more out of your training regimine by varying the exercises in your WOD while pursuing maximum output.

...or maybe I am just getting older and my HR is going down.

Anonymous said...

Since my resources are limited, does anyone have a suggestion for a substitute for kettle bell swings? I'm assuming doing a swings with a dumbell just isn't the same.

SB said...

yes, use a DB in place of will receive same stimulus. You could use sandbag, ruck sack, sledgehammer, weight plate just to name a few things that come to mind. enjoy.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

15:36. Great effort drom Sarah today, I couldn't catch her no matter how hard I tried. Good week.

NM said...

We did a 6 mile run today in 42:36.

Anonymous said...


Substituted the kettle bell for a 55lb dumbell. I also ran on my high school's track and ran a true 400m. I didn't detect much difference in using a dumbell than a kettle bell except my hand placement on the dumbell was kinda tricky, but either will get the heart pumping I'm sure. Good workout, good week.