Saturday 7/18/09 - Sunday 7/19/09

Rest Days.

Feel free to start your own thread in comments. One I am proposing is thoughts on doing a strength/power bias for the months of August and September. We'll still keep METCONs as part of the program but we will increase the weight but decrease the reps to get used to heavier loads. Bookends of the months will be a CrossFit Total so you can measure increases.


Mark R said...

Made up Friday's workout - 12:30

Anonymous said...

Made up Friday's workout down here in Texas due to travel yesterday.


15:30. I decided to catch up on some rest in the morning and do it in the middle of the day. Horrendous idea. I either drastically underestimated the heat or had a huge case of THS.

SB said...

time: 13:09
made up Friday's wod. did it down in Gillis at 3pm today so i had an added stimulus of the middle of the day heat.....certainly not as hot as Texas as in adambo33's case.
On that thought, in order to have true "constantly varied" training, we should vary the time that the 0530 crew meets to workout every once and awhile....maybe some days the group meets after lunch or whatever. What do you think DB? The body certainly operates different at different times of the day with heat or no heat. Remember, combat will punish the specialist. Thoughts anyone?

Mark R said...

Totally agree with SB as to "constantly varied." We are sadly governed by an occupation controlled by schedules. We could make a WOD dictate that it be accomplished at any point in the day except 0530-0800 (which is when 95% of us probably execute). That it also sometimes easier said than done - but I think we should definitely incorporate it.

Tex said...

I ran with a group of 2LTs this morning and destroyed them on some hill sprints. Then, I swam for about and hour. I am so tired. I haven't run this much (10 miles over the last 2 days) since February.

I like the plan for August-September

Tex said...


Made up Friday's WOD