Monday 7/27/09

For time.

5 rounds of:

30 x Push up
Single stair hops (1 stair at at time, both feet jump) from basement to 1sr floor
Double stair hops (2 stairs at a time) from 1st floor to 2nd floor
Triple stair hops (3 stairs at a time) from 2nd floor to 3rd floor
Quadruple stair (4 stairs at a time) from 3rd floor to 4th floor
10 x Burpee
Run back down to the basement

Post time to comments.


Anonymous said...

can someone give me an estimate of how many stairs are on each set? AKA, how many stairs for each single, double jump.....etc. Thanks.

Dubbs said...


Could only do 2 four-stair jumps per round (first jump on each level).

Vanilla Gorilla said...


The hardest part was getting the rhythm on the single stairs. Otherwise great crew this morning.

Mark R said...

I brought the heat and humidity just to make it more interesting. Hope you liked it.

Jason said...

Tough WOD. Great way to start the week.

Mark R said...

Adambo33 -

The # of stairs are as follows:
singles = 23
doubles = 14
triples = 11
quads = 8

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:27. 5 sets of stairs would have sucked even if we only had to walk them. Jumping only made it more painful. It was awesome. Nice of Arvin to have it nice and warm for us too. Good workout.

I'll try and make it in a couple of times this week but I expect I will be scaling Bull Hill a few times with the CLDT Rangers.

Sam said...
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Sam said...


That was rough.

NM said...

17:55...good one, Mark.

SB said...

did this one about 1030 and it was hot as hell...Mark...good wod! it was tough. You had to focus/concentrate that much more as the rounds went on. Awesome!

Jimmy said...

30:17. Used the same location (at 1330 today) but must be really out of shape. I know I did 5 x rounds, however my average hr was roughly 10-15 beats higher than normal (166) with a peak hr of 181.

Awesome WOD!

Anonymous said...


It wasn't the same as Arvin...had to be a little different than exactly going to Arvin, but it was pretty close. It was tough for sure.

Tex said...

I don't have any large amounts of stairs available so the WOD looked like this:

5 Rounds

30 x pushups
30 x 12" box jumps
20 x 18" box jumps
15 x 24" box jumps
10 x 30" box jumps
10 x burpees

Time: 26:42