Monday 3/16/09

We will meet for all the workouts this week at 0815 since the gym does not open until later during spring break. For this one, let's meet at the River Courts, I'll mark out a 1 mile course.


For time.

1 mile run
100 x Pull up
200 x Push up
300 x Squat
1 mile run

Post time to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Oh a little THS this morning and that almost lead to a vist by pukie. Great workout.

45:00 as rx'd

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

31:55(PR). It's great to still be getting PRs of this magnatude still. Last time was 34 and some change. Still have a goal of getting under 30. Great workout although I missed having the crew there this morning.
Tony N, shoot me an email or give me a call, I need to talk to you about something.

NM said...

31:03. Did this one down at Gillis with Anna. The second mile about killed took me about 800m to get my legs going.

Hope everyone is enjoying the break.

dan09 said...

30:29 (PR...previous best was 31:31)

no vest

L said...

1hr 19min - 100 reps of everything. Not bad for my 2nd week of CrossFit, especially considering that I left it all in the pushups.

SB said...

35:07 (PR)....thanks to DB for providing a little extra motivation this afternoon. For future reference, waiting till the end to do pullups is not the preferred method...although i did improve my time by over 6 minutes.

Plum said...

I'm in Pittsburgh for Spring Break. I went to to get a good route planned, but low and behold the city of Pittsburgh does not believe in pullups. I ran to three different playgrounds and didn't find one horizontal bar. Whatever happened to a set of monkey bars? I was pissed. I still got a good workout though, and if any of you have ever been around Mount Washington, the hills around here are crazy.

Hope everyone is having fun and staying safe.

Tex said...


I don't feel that I was putting out all that I could, but at least I did the workout. I was ready to just call it a night and forget the workout. I really did go back to basics on this one. I did pullups on a steel grape arbor and ran my miles on a dark path in a barren cornfield (I definitely blame my lousy 2nd mile time partly on the soggy ground and lack of visibility).

I do agree with NM, the second mile was torture./

Go Cubs said...

Did tobata something else this morning with somebody whos just starting.

Total: 387

PTisFREE said...

50:01 rx'd

upty03 said...

40:31--(18 min improvement since first time)

david said...

41 mins beat PR by 5 mins. 2nd mile hurt more than it should have.