Saturday 3/14/09 - Sunday 3/15/09

Rest Days

Have a good spring break. Make sure you work out or you will feel it when you get back. Chris and Dan programmed some austere workouts for this week so you can do them with minimal equipment. If you have a gym, I will post the main site workout as well and you choose which one you want to do.


david said...

A few general questions:
1) is there a roman chair anywhere in Arvin for GHDs?
2) Are there any rings setup in Arvin for general CF use?
3) I heard a rumor that a cadet may have attended the run cert. If this is true, does anyone know their name and whether they would be interested in teaching a short block of instruction on proper POSE technique and maybe some POSE drills?
4) Since many of us cant fork out 800$ for the cert, would the powerlifting team/coach be willing to teach a one hour block of instruction on proper snatch, clean, jerk, deadlift technique. I know at least ten people in my department (physics) alone would be interested.
Thanks for any/all help.
Dave Palazzo

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

David--Answers below.

1) As of right now we do not have any GHDs but we will have one soon, the class of '62 just agreed and funded a CF room as part of their class project to make sure that the Corps of Cadets has the most up to date physical training area and equipment. Will be ready by the end of April and we are very excited about it.

2) Many of us have rings and we are more than willing to let folks borrow them if needed, but once the CF room is ready then there will be rings available for general CF use.

3) I know of at least one cadet that has attended the running cert, we are working on getting that cert here in August as well if you are interested. ChirsV, you want to take this one?

4) I have talked to Dr. Brechue a couple of times about this he is more than willing. Having said that, I'm sure you are aware that you really probably need an hour per lift on this. I and a couple folks could work with anyone who is interested in working cleans, jerks and deadlifts. I can help with the snatch but it is probably my weakest lift. It really all depends on how advanced you are in your technique.
You can reach me here or shoot me an email at

Go Cubs said...

West Point Crippler:

9:15- died on the run