Wednesday 3/25/09


For time.

75 x 75lb Power snatch (Women Rx'd 45lb)

Post time to comments.


C V said...

If you are unsure on the Power Snatch, check out:

In the drop down boxes at the bottom go to "combat fitness program", "exercises", "power snatch"

Mac said...

7:43. Forearm strength was really failing during the second half, or I believe I could knock at least 45 seconds off of this.

RW said...

Decided to change this workout to -
30 x 115lbs snatch and 30 x 95lbs snatch

time = 14:50

I added 15 more after I stopped my watch to make it an even 75.

Snatch is one of my weaker lifts - tried to put up 135lbs and failed, this is all about form.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Did the same thing as MAJ Wylie.

30 x 115lb snatch
30 x 95lb snatch

time = 13:42

Added 15 more 95lb snatches to make 75 total reps at 15:51.

Snatch is a lift that is really about form and confidence. The reason we went heavier is because this is one of those lifts that if your form is off, you can cheat your way through it because you are strong enough to move the weight out of the vertical plane. As you add weight, this becomes harder to do and the more your form must be closer to perfect. There are some drills you can do to make this lift better. Let me know if you are interested.

The Snatch lift is definately one of the most technical lifts that we do. As much as this workout is for time, really concentrate on your form.

SB said...

11:56 scaled to 65lbs (PR) previous time was 14:08 scaled to 65lbs back in SEP08. Believe i could do better....need to add in a little more snatch work here and there, but still....increased my WC so I am happy.

NM said...

13:06 as Rxd. I felt like I definitely improved my form today, though still have a long way to go. MAJ Blackmon's point above reference keeping the weight in the vertical plane is something I need to work on. At times, I was just muscling the weight up.

Smitty said...

12:13. I wasnt going low enough by 25th rep so my time wont be as accurate. Keeping form was near impossible toward the end. Doing this right after rock climbing also was a poor choice.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

11:33 as rx'd.

First time doing this lift, I would be interested in doing some drills here nad there to work on my form.

Bobby said...

8:51 as Rx'd

dkeys said...

12:22...Sir, I'm interested in those drills to help with my form...started losing grip at the top probably because of bad form and all...I may be done for the week, I have Nationals starting Friday and could use the rest for my back and legs...See everyone next week.

Michael said...

13:39. This was tough but I felt like I maintained good form for at least 90% of my reps. I did sets of five since I felt even though I could have muscled more up at a time, my form would have been really crappy.

Tex said...

I did not feel confident with the form, so I spent this morning working form.

This afternoon I did:

For Time
Sets of: 30-25-20-15-10-5
Virtual Shovel (Bar+45lb)


It got to the point where I could barely hold onto the bar.

C V said...

7:21 as RX'd. The snatch is one of my favorites. I think the KB work has helped me out with this one.
In other news, I got my first MU yesterday. Now, only 29 more in a row.

Demet-hook said...

I always feel weird doing snatches. It is a very technical lift that I don't have a lot of experience with.

anyways, my phone that i was using as a timer shut off sometime during the workout. I am totally guessing but I think I finished somewhere around 7-8 minutes as RX'd