Wednesday 4/1/09

Climbing Fran

For time.

21-15-9 reps of 95lb Thrusters
6-3-1 reps of 15ft Rope climb (2nd red line)

Post time to comments.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

I recommmend doing your thrusters in the 3rd floor weight room and then running to the shelf, go down then up the prescribed number of times. Just a thought. Post the method you used as part of your comments.

Do not take the bars down to Hayes. Soon enough we will have a place to do this kind of work, don't bring attention that we don't need.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


My advice is not to use the cargo net by the ropes it just slows you down in the end.

RW said...


I thought this was an awesome new workout, especially since it was created by Black and Gold CrossFit. Also, I appreciated all the encouragement this morning during the workout. Especially on a workout out like this someone telling you to "pick up the bar," "get back on the rope" makes alot of difference.

SB said...

10:44 as rx'd used the method described by DB in which u descend down. Disappointed in my effort on thrusters...too many stops...THS.
good WOD though

C V said...

I think I need to move the ropes into the goat category. I need to get faster.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

9:38...little piece of advice for those of you doing this later.

1. Pants do not make it better, they actually slow you down with drag and aren't worth the prevention of rope burn. I shed mine after the 6 rope climbs.

2. If there is anyway you can grow about 4 inches between now and the workout, it will greatly help you cover more rope on each lock.

3. Don't quit...saw a monsterous effort this morning by MAJ Caldwell. Got to within 8 inches of the red line and hit muscle failure 3 times before finally finishing. It was awesome to watch that kind of dedication to the mission.

This was a fun workout and a nice variation of a classic.

NM said...


As MAJ Wylie said, I want to thank all of you that stuck around after your workout to encourage us this AM. It was awesome...made a huge difference.

For those who haven't gone yet, bring a buddy or four with's great for pushing each other and it's always more fun to share the suck together...especially on this one.

MattF said...

9:58 deducted 10 seconds off my time becuase my last rope climb i felt i reached muscle failure and swing my leg up onto the shelf instead of climbing to the second red line.

usarmychick09 said...


did regular Fran with 21-15-9 thrusters and assisted pull ups; used 65lbs for 21 and 15 then dropped to 45 for the 9 reps

Bobby said...

9:02... really sucked.

Smitty said...

9:28. Had to go classic Fran because plebes had gymnastics at the time Ty and I went. Rough time with the thrusters today.

PTisFREE said...

11:22, could have gotten in a better rhythm with thrusters.

Tex said...

A severe case of THS hit me this morning....

I did the workout in the afternoon as suggested by B&G CF.


As a caveat to my horrendous time, someone jacked my bar while is was doing my first set of rope climbs so I had to set up a new bar and just left the time running. Also, I had blood drawn yesterday and definitely felt the decrease in muscular endurance. Great mod of Fran.

Hungry Hungry Hippo said...

right under 10 minutes

I didnt have a watch though so thats not exact, I had to use the clock on the wall