Wednesday 3/4/09

CrossFit Total

1 rep max of:

Strict shoulder press
Back squat
Dead lift

Post total weight to comments.

We will hold a CrossFit Fundamental Movements class tonight at 1930 in Arvin. This is a great chance for those of you who are wanting a little additional coaching, do not come in the morning and have some questions, or would just like some more instruction on FUNCTIONAL movements. Send a note to Chris Villarreal or me if you want more information.


Michael said...

For those who are curious (like me) how to actually do the CrossFit Total WOD.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

First time doing a Total

Back Squat- 285
Shoulder- 115
Deadlift- 310

athletic_armadillo said...

back squat 265
shoulder 90
dead lift 300

(I'm a girl)

Roll Tide said...

Shoulder - 135
Dead lift - 315
Back Squat - 295

Total: 745

RW said...

Shoulder Press = 135
Back Squat = 295
Deadlift = 345

Griff said...

Shoulder Press = 135
Back Squat = 245
Deadlift = 295

dan09 said...

Press: 135
Squat: 245
DL: 300 (PR)

Total: 680

Below is a link to a chart that defines what strength level you are at based on your numbers for the Total. Interesting if you want to see how you stack up against other CrossFitters.

C V said...

Press: 145
Squat: 325
DL: 405

SB said...

Squat: 215 (PR)
Shld press: 140
DL: 285

Total: 640

JP said...

My first time too.

Back Squat- 235
Shoulder- 130
Deadlift- 315

Back Squats were definetly my weekest event. Its nice to know what I have to work on.

usarmychick09 said...

Shoulder Press - 70
Back Squat - 135
Dead Lift - 185

CMCD said...

Shoulder: 145
Deadlift: 385
Squat: 345

Total: 875

A little disappointed in my squat... I'd like to do this again in a month or so to gauge improvement.

Volk said...

First time doing a total and I was very disappointed in my squat numbers...

Back Squat - 275
Shoulder - 155
Dead Lift - 350

NM said...

Shoulder Press = 130
Back Squat = 245
Dead Lift = 340

Anonymous said...

Shoulder: 155
Squat: 345
DL: 375

Total: 875.

Michael said...

Back Squat: 225
Shoulder Press: 100
Dead Lift: 305

Total: 630

First time doing CFT. I really felt like I had more shoulder strength but I guess I did too many/too much for a warm-up.

N G said...

Shoulder 105
Back Squat 200
Dead Lift 285

So... My back squat weight is just retarded. I still need to work on having good form and using all my muscles when I come up and I think I'll jump up once I do some more heavier squats. First CFT.

Demet-hook said...

825 total

155 Shoulder press

335 Squat

335 Deadlift

MattF said...

Did not do the CFT today. But my last CFT i did a month or so back...

Shoulder Press: 225
Back Squat: 525
Deadlift: 505

Total: 1255

Would like to see where I am at now. My numbers might be a lower now becuase I have dropped body weight.

C V said...


JRez said...

Back Squat - 315
Shoulder Press - 155
Deadlift - 385

I need to work on my squat.

nate said...

Squat - 265
Press - 145
Dead lift - 315

Could have done more. Didnt guage right.