CrossFit Friday 3/27/09

Within the last month, your combat outpost (COP) in southeastern Afghanistan has come under increasing attack by insurgent rocket and mortar fire. Your platoon has just executed a 1 mile dismounted movement from the COP to a small village, located just 2 kilometers from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, suspected of operating as a cache point for the rockets/mortars. While in the process of executing a cordon and search 30 minutes from BMNT, your platoon comes under attack from local Pakistani border militia that are known AQ/TB sympathizers. The Pakistani militia retreat across the border and after receiving clearance from higher headquarters, your platoon crosses the border to engage the Pakistani militia. However, upon crossing the border, you come under a complex ambush from AQ/TB forces. Your platoon reacts accordingly, but due to the pending sunrise and lack of indirect fire support, your higher HQs orders you to break contact and conduct an exfil back to the COP. AH-64 Apache coverage is now on station, but you order your platoon to expedite its movement due to the pending sunrise and depleted ammunition counts.

Cross the border and pursue/neutralize the Pakistani border militia.

React to complex ambush and destroy AQ/TB forces.

Break contact and move back across the border to a consolidated platoon position.

After cross-leveling ammo, conduct a 1 mile movement back to the COP.

The Workout:
Phase I:
Cross border and pursue Pakistani border militia:

3 Rounds of:
· Run 400 meters (1 modified gym loop- *start outside 2nd floor gym)
· 10 burpees (inside 2nd floor gym)
· Lunges- 5 lunges each leg (inside 2nd floor gym)
· Run towards third floor weight room and take hallway to IOCT track entrance

Phase II: React to complex ambush/ destroy AQ/TB forces/ break contact:

IOCT (backwards)

· Run 2 laps backwards in a clockwise manner (reverse direction of the normal IOCT)
· Descend rope
· Horizontal ladder backwards (use blue block if needed to grab onto bar)
· Climb over wall
· Forward roll
· Mount balance beam and traverse beam walking forwards
· Thru tire normal
· Mount horizontal bars and traverse bars to left or right to track (use cargo net if you cannot mount bars after several attempts)
· From track, descend to shelf and then to ground
· Go over vault normal and thru tires forwards
· Low crawl backwards
(All transitions between obstacles will be a forward run)

Phase III: Conduct 1 mile exfil back to COP:
- 1 mile run (4 modified gym loops- *start/finish outside 2nd floor gym)
- Drop for 5 push-ups at the start of every minute

Overall time will stop once you finish Phase III – “1 mile exfil to COP” (finish outside 2nd floor gym)

Below is a picture of some mockups for new shirts. Post opinions in comments, I will order next week so we can have them here by Sandhurst timeframe.

Click on the image for a bigger view.


Tex said...

I like the top two. I'm not entirely sure about the ACUPAT. I guess that it is just kinda hard to picture how it will really look. The logo is much improved. The old one was a bit busy.

Chewy said...

I agree. The grey one I believe is the best and the top one is second best. Don't really think the side logo will look good.

L said...

Like the middle design the best.

Sorry to have missed out on yet MORE WODs! Got sick yesterday and am feeling lousy. Next week's got to be the winner!

Bobby said...

Middle design looks the best. the ACUPAT just looks kind of weird.

Tex said...

20:40 (~13:10 for first two phases)

I think that a larger interval in-between groups would have been better. I was held up a lot on the IOCT just because of waiting. I'm not saying that I did not enjoy the rest.

Also, maybe instead of a time standard for the 'foul' we could do a CFE style where you must complete all of your laps within 10s of your original lap time or something like that.....

Mac said...

Another example of not paying attention to detail...did 5 pushups every 20 sec during the 3rd phase. Finished in 21:35, though, so I'd like to think I got away from the "bad guys".

SB said...

Mission complete in 21:03 (I was able to break contact and get back across the border in 12:16) The 1 mile exfil was definitely tough. Great training!

RW said...

20:55 for all three phases. I did not get my split at the end of phase two, I just knew it was under 16 mins.
I thought this was a great workout because of the some of the new stuff it incorporated and the mission context.

Dana said...

Got started early and missed out on some of the guidance


First two gym loops were only 1 floor, did not run backwards on the top of the IOCT. But did do 20 PUs every minute which pretty much smoked me.

Chat said...

39:16 started in the first group

dan09 said...


Messed up on the instructions a little (went up an extra floor after phase one and ran the last mile in the wrong direction)

great workout

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

21:40...this was a fun one. Never really thought about doing the IOCT backwards, it does take a different skill set. Finished with some muscle ups with MAJs Bault, Wylie, Mayo, and McDermott.

Dutch Lowy is coming into town this weekend, I'm going to try and convince him to come in for Monday's workout but we'll see. For those of you who don't know who that is, he finished 7th at the games last year. Works out of CrossFit A&M, and currently teaches a programming class. For those who are wanting to run with the big dogs, here is your opportunity. More to follow.

NM said...

20:34. Great example of conducting PT within the framework of a real mission. Soldiers will definitely dig this creative approach to PT vs. the rut that many units get into on a regular basis (su/pu improvement and a 3 mile run).

Chat said...

Meant to put 19:16 not 39

Didn't do the work out twice

Glenn said...

As an outsider looking in I like the grey one. I have been looking for a good way to show off CF. If/when you order I'll take one or maybe two.

MAJ Glenn Hodges
ODCS G-3/5/7

Griff said...

21:16 as well.

Got a little confused on which way to run. I apologize if I ran into you

Njc said...

Finished phase two at 15:00.
started doing a second IOCT backwards until I realized i was only supposed to do it once.

I also like the middle and top patterns for the t-shirt.

C V said...

24:25. I was sucking this morning. I am ready for a day off. My hamstrings feel like piano wires.

Will said...

24:30. Had to wait a little for the IOCT retests to get finished.

BHaley said...

Was on trip section yesterday, made it up this afternoon, 17:20,split phase II at 11:26, my gym loop was second floor to basement then back up though and I was just told this was wrong, oh well.

PTisFREE said...

21:41...this workout was really fun

Smitty said...

Couldnt mount the bars for my life, so i used the shelf to get up and ran that portion the normal way, dismounting the bars to move to the vault. The last mile was rough, almost got to see last night's Primo's again. Awesome time.

Also, I vote for the grey t-shirt. ACU PAT isn't very stylish.

CPT Hoagland said...

Sign me up for a small of what ever the group picks.