Friday 3/13/09


For time.

150 x Wall ball shots (20lb men/12lb women)

Post time to comments.

Compare to 12/03/08


Tex said...
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SB said...

8:15 (PR) increased WC by 2:18 since Dec....Results that are Measurable, Observable and repeatable.

NM said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

7:46(PR) almost 2 minutes faster than December's time. Can't argue with results. Look for minimal equipment workouts next week so no excuses for not working out. Take the time between the 12oz curls and do something that is actually good for you. Have fun and keep safe.

On a brighter note, all of the work that ChrisV and Dan09 have been doing to get the Class of '62 to help us out with our very own CrossFit area in Arvin paid off yesterday, and they agreed to give us both the space and the money to have a world class facility here at USMA. You all should be proud to be on the ground floor of this effort and be thankful that Chris and Dan have been willing to put a lot of time into a project that they will really get very little use out of. Expect the grand opening to occur no later than 30 April. It will be an ass kicking workout. Max participation will be appreciated. Stand by for more details.

RW said...


I think the fastest you can do wallballs and maintain good form (get the ball 10ft in the air and reach the required depth in the squat) is 30 reps / min meaning that the fastest in thoery you could do this workout is about 5 mins. Let's see someone do that today!

Tex said...

8:51 (PR)

More than 2 minutes faster than my time in December. I feel like this workout needs something more....perhaps some running after we turn our legs to jelly with the wall-balls. Just a thought.

I agree with RW that the fastest rate at good form is 30 reps/min. Just the travel of the ball when it is not in your hands seems to be a major limiting factor.

nate said...


May have been a little short on the throws on a couple.

Anonymous said...