Saturday 3/7/09 - Sunday 3/8/09

Rest Days

For those of you who want a little something extra, Black and Gold CrossFit and MWR have teamed up for a Fight Gone Bad competition on Saturday morning. Come by and see how you do. First round goes at 0900 in Arvin 4th floor gym. There will be some small prizes for the winners both male and female. We will go in the prescribed order too, so you don't have to worry about where you will start because everyone will start at the same station.

The order will be 3 rounds of 1 minute max reps of each of the following:
Wall ball 10 foot target (20lb men/12lb women)
Sumo dead lift high pull (75lb men/45lb women)
Box jump 24"
Push press (75lb men/45lb women)
Row for calories

Total reps of all three rounds is the score. Come by and give it a shot...otherwise, see you Monday.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

So...I did the FGB this morning. I thought I was going to just go in and help with it and got guilted into doing it. I had already had 2 cups of coffee and breakfast. In the words of Ron Burgandy..."Milk was a bad choice!" No excuse though. Scored 305, which I would have been relatively happy with, given the beating I took yesterday, except for the fact that MAJ Wylie took the same beating yesterday and scored a ridiculous 359!!! Good work for those who were there. We need to do more things like this. If anyone wants to help organize one...let me know. I have some ideas.

Go Cubs said...

237, I had a microscopic heart this morning it was pathetic

RW said...

Unlike MAJ Blackmon, I had a feeling I would be doing the workout this morning not just helping out. So I ate a light breakfast and hydrated the night before.

score = 369

I agree more Saturday morning challenges would be fun to do, especially if we started making one Saturday a month a Full Mission Profile workout, similar to Friday's workout.

dkeys said...

15 mile run...missed the message on FGB...completely spent after the run though...probably would have been the same if I had done the challenge this morning. The idea of doing Saturday challenges with the same workout-type as Friday sounds like a great idea...looking forward to the challenge.