Tuesday 3/17/09

For time.

150m run
40 x Burpee
300m run
30 x Burpee
450 m run
20 x Burpee
600 m run
10 x Burpee

Post time to comments.

I would offer up the main site workout today as an alternate, but I do not think anyone would be interested. Check it out here


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Shea stadium track anyone? 0815, that's where I'll be.

NM said...


On another note...Chatt, Griff, et al...no more shamming! I wanna see some posts!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

14:49...burpees really took their toll on me, as they always do. I think I could have gone a little faster if I would have done this with a group...that's what happens when you take advantage of leave days sleep ins.

Just out of curiosity...do you think the main site is using B&G for their programming?

C V said...

Working with CF Evolution while I'm in Orlando.

With a horrible full body sunburn:
10-9-8...-1 lunges & KTE
8:--. (I forgot the exact time)

About to go try out today's WOD.
A little background on this one: it's Brian MacKenzie's WOD that he does at every CFE cert.

SB said...

14:38...good WOD! Did a sprint workout after.

Tex said...


Another workout which is miserable alone. I agree that I would have done better in a group. My run distances were not exact because I was again running on a grass path through a cornfield.

NM, RW, and DB, did this hearken memories of the burpee-tireflip-duckwalk-lunge workout from November? My hands hurt like crazy just like that lovely, wet fall morning.

C V said...

15:30. This is about a min slower than at the cert. I would lend this to doing it at a cert vs. Doing it at a geriatrics park in Orlando. Had to do it all in 75 meter intervals.

Also, I was pretty stoked when a guy at CF Evolution came up to me and was asking me about the specifics of our gym loop.

upty03 said...


Chat said...

Chat 13:03
Haley 13:45
Carlos 14:11
Griff 14:12
McCarthy ACL Re Hab

blame time zones for late post and Vegas

Mac said...

13:45, followed by a sprint workout. Getting back in the groove after a couple of weeks of sickness/TDY. Pain...

PTisFREE said...