CrossFit Friday 3/6/09

Here was what we did this morning. I did not post last night at the usual time in an deliberate effort to keep some of you guessing. The method used this morning was new to most of us and can be a really good way to put some perspective on your PT if you want to do this with your units. We didn't think of the idea, we got that from Brass Ring Fitness (, but we like it and so we used it. For those of you that weren't there this you go.

UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter has gone down in the mountains of central Afghanistan. The Blackhawk was flying a resupply mission intending to drop food and ammunition at a COP in the area when it crashed in an attempt to avoid RPG and other insurgent anti-aircraft fire. Radio contact has been made with the pilot and the entire crew is alive but severely injured. If they are not extracted within the next 24 hours, they will inevitably be found and captured by the insurgents whose actions caused the crash.

Scale the mountain and locate the downed UH-60. Extract all wounded Americans and engage any enemy you encounter. Move to OBJ HAYES for exfil.

Ruck In – 5 Stairway ascents
Ascend the cliff – 5 rope climbs
Approach the OBJ – 4x(25 lunge steps/25 squats)
Attack the OBJ – 4x(25 burpees/1 suicide)
Load the wounded – 100 thrusters (45#)
Descend the cliff – 5 rope climbs
Ruck out – 5 stairway ascents


Demet-hook said...

Check it out. My buddy's brother from home just launched this site. It is basically a Facebook for fitness. Log on and start a profile. It takes like 2 seconds.

dan09 said...


Didn't look at my sheet and went a little out of order at a couple points. Did the lunges before the rope climbs at the beginning and the run before the climbs at the end.

Tex said...
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RW said...

50:04 as rx'ed
Absolutely brutal this morning.

Tex said...

Subbed 500ft on Jacob's Ladder for each set of stairs and 30 seconds on spinner for each suicide

I just realized that I forgot the final rope climbs....

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

53:45...brutal. I really hope I never have to do this mission, not just because I don't want bad things to happen to American Soldiers, but also because this really sucks.

DF said...


One of the most difficult workouts I've done in a long, long time. Legit.

dkeys said...

Missed the crew this morning. Ran "Jackie" from the main page instead...pulls were horrible

1000m row
50 45lb Thrusters
30 Pull-ups


SB said...

did jackie also

jenni said...

Awesome workout. Thanks for the link to brassringfitness.

Rob Ord, Head Coach
Brass Ring Fitness