Tuesday 5/26/09

For Weight.


1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1


12 rounds of 25m sprints, start every 20 seconds.

Post load to comments.


RW said...

140 (1rm)
145 (f)

I can't remember the exact progression of weight and reps today, I failed alot. I got pretty comfortable at 135 today. I think next time I could start there and work up.

SB said...

Did yesterday's wod... 18:08 w/ hang pwr cleans scaled to 95lbs and rnds 2-5 used the blue pwr bands on HSPUs. Thanks for the help on the bands Mark.

NM said...

Bad job of posting last couple workouts...yesterday's WOD did 19:55.

Today I did the WOD from 19MAY...5 rds plus 150m on row.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

155 was what I ended up with. Started on 135 and added weight, took weight away, tried and failed a lot.

The thing I can't emphasize enough is that this lift is really as much technique as it is strength. For example, with 155 once I nailed it, it felt easy, but the 3 times before that, I might as well have been trying to throw 200lbs up because I was missing something on the form. I love this lift because it really requires you to think and overcome yourself.

Griff said...

I did Barbara from the main site today. Haven't dug the weights out of my basement yet.

31:49 as rx'd.