Saturday 5/2/09 - Sunday 5/3/09

Rest Days.

Just in case you missed the CrossFit Nation address via email, here it is.

CrossFit Nation—As you all are now aware, we have a new facility in Arvin. The Class of ’62 CrossFit Area is a phenomenal area for us to do functional physical fitness. With that area though comes some responsibilities.

First, we must take care of the equipment. The Class of ’62 and some other contributors put a lot of money into this area and it has to last. Chris Villarreal spent many long hours and sleepless nights making sure that we have a great area to train, it is up to us to live inside of that spirit of teamwork, cohesiveness, and taking care of our gear.

Second, attached is an article called “CrossFitters, Be Nice” It is a great article about the trap that many people, especially CrossFitters, fall into. That trap being, “The way I workout is the only way to workout and if you don’t do it my way then you are _______ (insert whatever demeaning word you want here)” CrossFit is, by definition, broad, general and INCLUSIVE. If you believe in what we do, then by all means, be excited about it, talk about it, and try and bring others. But please do not talk down to those who do not want to do it. Let CrossFit speak for itself. If what you do is working, trust me people will notice and that will have a much more positive impact than shoving it down their throats. Remember our gym and website are not places for egos. If you see someone struggling with a particular movement help them, encourage them, and coach them if you can. If you are that person struggling, know that we all have been there and will be there again on some movement. Everyone has their weaknesses. A good athlete embraces them, works on them, and turns them into strengths.

Please understand that CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness program (GPP). If you want to be a good marathon runner, tri-athlete, swimmer, golfer, baseball player, CrossFit will give you a good base from which to build. But to do well in a sport, you must do that sport. Meaning you must specialize. If your “sport” is fitness in a general sense, then CrossFit is a great program, but by no means the only program. Combat is very unspecialized in the physical realm. We don’t know how long we will have to fight, what terrain it is going to be on, or what obstacles we will have to negotiate. We need to be as good as we can at all of them. CF prepares you physically for the unknown in a very broad way. That is why CF has been embraced by so many Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, and firefighters. Having said that though, many Soldiers, LEOs, and firefighters are in phenomenal shape and don’t do CrossFit. If it works for you great, but it is not for everyone and that is okay.

Finally, remember, CrossFit is as much a mental workout as it is physical. The things you learn about yourself when you are digging through a Fran or a Hero workout will serve you well later in life and in combat. You are the only one that can make yourself push to the outer limits. But remember to do it safely. We cannot afford injury due to bad form. If you are uncertain about how to properly do a movement ask someone. Based on some interest we are going to start a CrossFit Fundamental Movement class that will be open to anyone interested where we will focus in on various foundational movements. (Squat, front squat, overhead squat, clean, press, push press, push jerk, dead lift, snatch, pull ups, muscle ups, handstand push ups etc…) This way we can continue to properly train and continue to Forge Warrior Athletes.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Good crowd this morning, next Friday is our last academic year CrossFit Friday, let’s have a good showing. If you still want a shirt to wear this summer when you are getting after it at other facilities, let me know or come see me. Remember, all proceeds go to more and better equipment in the CrossFit Area.

Beating Navy one WOD at a time!


CrossFitters Be Nice


N G said...

SSGT Davis WOD from last week, didnt have much time so i started with 115 and finished with 95. Was about 15min, didnt have my watch. I dont recommend not working out for 3 days...

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Just so everyone is tracking...Chris V and Matt F are both in the top 10 at the Southwest CrossFit Games Qualifiers. Dutch, the guy that came and worked out with us a few weeks ago, is in first. Keep an eye on them.