Monday 5/18/09

You all knew it was coming!!!

Flying Fran

15-12-9 reps of:

Thrusters (135lb/95lb)
Flying pull ups

Post time to comments.

Click here to see where we got the idea.


Gregg said...

Are we having an afternoon meet up time due to the weird schedule this week, or is it do it on your own? MAJ B, nice pics.

C V said...

if you notice, we had to build a 3 rung ladder instead of a 4 rung like in the video b/c of height and space requirements. Are we counting the number of kipps up or are we doing 5 trips- 4 trips- 3 trips up the ladder...?

C V said...

Also, Firstie Farewell goes at the River Courts tomorrow night, combo'ed with the FA send off.

C V said...

To clarify, Firstie Farewell + FA Send off at begins at 1730 MONDAY at the river courts.

RW said...

10:50 as rx'd

Here is what I did....

14-12-10 reps so this way I did 7 trips up, 6 trips up, 5 trips up. This way the number of trips up the ladder is divisible by the number of kips since we have a 3 (not 4) rung ladder. I also counted the trip complete at the top rung so that if you fall off coming down the trip still counts.

BHaley said...

8:45, scaled to 115#, did 16-12-8 with the same standards as MAJ Wiley.

Smitty said...

scaled to 95# with poor form on the last set, thrusters rock my world everytime, def a goat


dig the flying pull-ups

dan09 said...

Rx'd - 9:08

Doing the WOD with 135# thrusters last week helped to know what the weight would feel like

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Scaled to 95 lbs


That was a lot rougher than I thought it would be

upty03 said...

did something different:

ASRAP in 20 minutes of:
5 x 225 DL
5 x HSPU
5 x 45# weighted pull-ups

10 rounds completed

N G said...

Did the workout but between all the calluses on my hand tearing open, having chris fix my hands up, and then restarting i didnt really have any sort of time standard. Flying pull ups get an A for difficulty and coordination required.

Chris and I were getting pretty pumped, there are so many people atleast doing a few days of cfit a week now. The 62 room is paying West Point dividends in a big way.

Gregg said...

About 17 minutes. Need to read the manual on the timer clock. Kept swinging on the pull ups which hurt my time, any tips? 135 is getting more comfortable but still sucks

Chewy said...

I got through the second round but tore the crap out of my hands, so I decided to stop...I will have to get my hands into shape to handle the flying pullups!

hamp said...

9:50 as rx'd