Thursday 5/28/09

For time.

30 x 3/4 Body weight squat clean


run 1 mile.

Post time to comments.

1 mile route is from the front of Arvin to Kosciuszko's monument and back by way of Trophy Point. Remember to bring your reflective belts.


C V said...

Last B&G was on Monday, the 5 RFT, finished around 12 minutes. Though ROM was lacking on the HSPU's.

Can't stop sleeping as of late, getting about 10-12 hours a day.

Start a 72 miles in 24 hour hike tomorrow morning in VA.

SB said...

16:42 used 95lbs
Took about a 1/4 mile to get my legs back...good WOD!

Mark R said...

17:10 for squat cleans @ 135#
7:49 for the mile

75% of BW is 146.25 so only did 69%

RW said...

11:47 (had to take a 40sec rest in the middle of the run for reville)

BW = 190 so I used 145lbs for the cleans

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

12:24...also had to take a timeout for reveille.

My body weight is 175lb, 3/4 of my BW is 131.25lb so I went with 135lb.

This may be one of my favorite WODs we have done this month.

Mac said...

12:20. Went with 15 lbs less than 3/4 body weight (135). About the longest 1 mile ever. Great WOD.

Kings said...

12:51. BW=226; 75%=169.5; Used 170 for the workout.

Good Workout. The weight was tough - especially the last 5. Tried like hell to catch up to Mac on the run with no luck.

Smitty said...

finally got around to monday's workout after getting a month gym membership. playing catchup with this weeks WODs now. miss arvin and its freeness big time.


NM said...

18:18...took a timeout for reveille as well.

BW= 175...used 135 for squat cleans. Once again, a goat that I need some work on.

Enjoyed the suck w/everyone this morning...

DanH said...

BW - 145
CLNs - 110

Subbed 2K row for the run because the Western Mass weather isn't exactly cooperating

Time - 15:11

Stroh's Lite said...


Due to form issues I scaled the Squat Cleans to 135# (more like 2/3BW)

Reville was (37 seconds) an awesome breath cather in the middle of the run! Thanks
"mr flag raiser MP" guy!!

Tex said...

120lb clean, nearly perfect for 160lb BW

Subbed 1500m row for run because of uncooperative Midwest thunderstorms. I feel terrible now that I see that DanH did 2k. Great WOD!