Tuesday 5/5/09

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

For weight.

1 rep max (1RM) of Front Squat


12 rounds of:
2 x reps of 80% 1RM Front Squat every 45 seconds


Bench Press

5 x 5 x 5 x 5

Post weights to comments.


Mark R said...

Be sure congratulate the guys that went to Texas for the CF Regional this weekend. They did awesome! Here's the link with the results:

Here are the three WODs they had to do - give 'em a try and see how you do:
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean & Jerk
(105lbs women / 155lbs men)
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean & Jerk
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean & Jerk

WOD 2:
50 Chest to Bar Pull ups
50 Burpees

WOD 3:
Nine of Spades / Hopper Deck
3 Rounds, 21, 15, and 9 reps of
Box Jumps (24 inches)
KB Swings
(1 pood women / 1.5 pood men)
Sumo dead lift Highpull
(65lbs women / 95lbs men)

C V said...

Pictures from this weekend at: http://jessev01.shutterfly.com/

A good amount of people from outside our group check out the site and are familiar with what we are doing. They expect a lot of you when they see you workout.

A couple of lessons learned from this weekend:

1.)Competition is critical in bringing out the intensity. It is really difficult to match the that on your own. Not impossible, just harder.

2.) Standards matter. They were brutal with the standards at the qualifier. It leveled the competition though. It showed me where I have been cutting corners.

3.) We came to the consesus that we shouldn't hit the ground after the workout unless your body gives out on you. "What if they are still shooting?"

Vanilla Gorilla said...

1RM: 205 (PR)

12 Rounds: 185

DB Bench Press: 40, 45, 50, 55

dan09 said...

1RM: 220#

2x12 at 185#

Didn't have time this morning to get to the bench. Will do it this afternoon

BHaley said...

1RM: 205

2x12 @ 165#

Bench: 135, 195, 195, 205, 215(F)

Needed some assistance on the last rep at 215, good workout this morning.

Alviso said...

1RM: 265 (should have gone higher)

12 Rounds: 205

DB Bench: 50, 60, 70, 80

Tex said...

1 RM: 205#
2x12: 165#

did not have time for bench. I will make it up this afternoon.

Hungry Hungry Hippo said...

1RM: 205(PR)

12 Rounds at 165

Bench: 155, 165, 175, 185

Anonymous said...

1RM - 225# but im not sure i went low enough in the squat

12 rounds: 185

Didnt have time for the bench this morning

dkeys said...

1RM 185#
2x12 135#

Did not get to the bench this morning--will make up this afternoon

Front Squat is one of my goats for sure

C V said...


The horizontal racks to hold the bumper plates should have arrived by now. If so, the rest of the bumper plates will get moved in today or tomorrow. Same goes for the remaining 45lb bars.
The spotting straps should be in soon as well.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

12 rounds at 185..felt really good

185, 185, 185, 195 Bench.

Probably should have gone heavier on the bench..

NM said...

1RM= 205
2x 12 rounds @ 165 (probably should have gone heavier, though tried to focus on good form)

Bench= 205, 215, 215, 215 (had to put the bar down after 4 and then pick it back up for the 5th rep)

SB said...

Front squat: will go back before lunch to work on this...didnt like my effort this morning on this. 12sets (2x85lbs) worked on going deep but need to increase wgt this afternoon.
Bench: 135,185,195,205,215x3

JP said...

1rm 225

fs at 185 8x My wrists were really bothering me so I did the last 4 back squating 205. Technique?

Bench 205

I've got to find some heart and starting waking up for the 0530 workout again.

Chat said...

1RM = 205#

2x12 @ 165#

Bench: 195,195,205,205 (Had a little help on last few reps of last set)

317 said...
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Gregg said...

1RM 175

then 155 untill round 8, then 135, I passionately hate the FS, it is a goat i need to work on.

Bench 185,195,205(spotter helped a little), 195

RW said...

1 rm = 215 (think I could get 225)

12 rds @ 185lbs

Bench = 185, 185, 185, 195

CMCD said...

1RM: 245

2x12: 195

Bench: 215x5

upty03 said...

255--1RM FS--PR with correct hold...(Could have done more, but right wrist was killing me)

2x12 FS--205

BP--185, 205, 215, 220 (did 3 then 2 on last set.)

Dana said...

12x 155lbs

Took it a little easy today, still recovering from the weekend.

CLG said...

1 rm = 155 could have maybe gone 165

12 rds of 2 @ 95lbs

Bench = 95, 135, 135, 135
last 2 135s had assistance

Demet-hook said...

1 RM=275

12 rd's @ 225


N G said...

175 front squat, chris touched the bar for a second at the bottom.

80%: 12 x 135, Prob should have done 15 for the first few

Bench: 135, 135, 155, 165
assistance on last 2 165

Michael said...

1RM: 185

2x12: 135

Bench: 135, 135, 155, 155

Needed help from the spotter on last couple of presses with 155.

Anonymous said...

1RM about 275, did the 12 @ 205.

Didn't get a chance to do the bench though.

hamp said...

1RM - 225

12 rds - 185

Bench - 155, 185, 205, 225

Tex said...

155, 165, 175, 180 (had a bit of help on the last 2 reps)

dkeys said...

So I finally get around to posting my weights...nothing grand

95, 115, 135, 155...never been good at bench press