Monday 5/25/09

Memorial Day

Take some time today to remember those who have given their all for our freedom.

For time.

5 rounds of:

25 x Squat
10 x Pull up
5 x Hand stand push up
5 x 135lb/95lb Hang power clean then anyway overhead (press/push press/jerk etc...)

Post time and any Memorial Day thoughts to comments.


RW said...


used the blue band to assist h/s push-ups and get full range of motion.

dkeys said...


Used the green band and 45's to get h/s pushups done. Tried for strict pull-ups but still need to use swing and can't do very many at a time. Dropped hang clean to 95 lbs--still not very strong with that lift.

Great last workout in the improved facility. I feel honored to have met CPT Smiley this morning. Although I've seen him around the last few weeks it was awesome to get to finally shake hands with him.

Thanks for all the motivation and encouragement the last few months from everyone. I wish I had started working out with this crew earlier.

I still plan to post here over the summer and until I find another gym at FT Carson. Best of luck to everyone in the future. As MAJ Mayo said, its a small Army. See ya'll out there.



Black and Gold CrossFit said...


I'm glad MAJ Wylie programmed this one or I would have been accused of creating a wheelhouse workout. My forearms and shoulders are smoked but I loved this one.

Happy Memorial Day!

Today I remember my XO, CPT Shane Adcock, KIA on 11 October 2006. He would have been 30 yesterday. Not a day goes by when I don't think of him and his family. He was a great leader of Soldiers. I am a better man, husband and father because I was lucky enough to work with and know him. Today I celebrate his life and continuing contributions to our Nation.

Mac said...

12:55. Underestimated this one, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Today I remember the Paratroopers who I served with, in my companies and in my batallion, who were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I would wish that all Americans, as they drink a beer, grill a burger, and shop for a deal, will remember that there are patriots overseas doing a dangerous job so that they don't have to.

SB said...

Ended up running with 'Trooper for about 40 min.
Will make up today's wod tomorrow.
Today I remember SGT Ryan D. Jopek (2-127th IN) who was KIA 02 Aug 2006 while attached as convoy security to one of my patrols during OIF 05-07 just outside Samarra, IZ.

Tex said...

didn't have weights so I ran to a local park and did 5 rounds of max pullups with a 90 sec break in between sets. Total: 58 total

Then I did abs, a run and OHS with a fence post I found in the back yard....I really need to get a gym membership.

upty03 said...

16:44 as Rx'ed

Chris said...
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Dubbs said...

20:40 as RX'd.

Not real good at Clean & Jerks.