CrossFit Friday 5/8/09

Meet at Thayer Statue 0530 and we'll jog down to the start point.

For time.

25 x Burpee
Run up hill and back
50 x Squat
Run up hill backwards and back
50 x Push up
Run up hill and back
50 x Lunges (Alternate legs)
Run up hill backwards and back
25 x Burpee

All runs are from the bottom of ODIA hill to the ODIA parking lot. Always run down the hill forwards so you can control yourself and so can dodge others that are running up backwards.

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Vanilla Gorilla said...


Awesome group this morning. I couldn't think of a better way to start the last day of classes.

Dana said...


Needed to work the achilles back into it. Felt good though.

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to resting this weekend.

CLG said...

Don't let that backwards hill fool you.

Anonymous said...

Good workout. Running uphill backward was good.

C V said...

Burpees slowed me down a bit. As usual.

Going off of what MAJ Blackmon was saying this morning, here are some resources for working out on your own if you are away from a gym this summer.

Body Weight Met-Con (metabolic conditioning) workouts,
Open the file Casey Raiford posted. It’s the 5th comment.

Make your own medicine ball:

Exercise demos:

I would say that if you don't have a set of rings, they are a smart investment.

Grenade said...

Where exactly is the ODIA Hill and is it marked off so that we know when to turn around?

SB said...

backwards run was tough.

Let me throw something out:
What if we made CrossFit a Company Athletic sport either in the fall or spring? Each company would have one CF team....similar to affiliate competition that occurs during CF Games. Let me know your thoughts?
MAJ Bault

Chewy said...


Finished with Weeks at the end, thanks to him for pushing me on the last uphill backwards...felt really good this morning.

NM said...


ODIA Hill is near the entrance to Flirty Walk vic North Dock, but not necessarily marked. Start about 25m west of the entrance to Flirty Walk and run up (towards the Firstie Club) to the ODIA Parking Lot which is the first (and only) parking lot on the right side of the road. Let me know if you have any questions.

dan09 said...


Njc said...

I was feeling yesterday's Fight Gone Bad, but I really liked this workout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

18:30...rough week on the legs, looking forward to the rest this weekend. Good group this morning.

We'll keep the same battle rhythm next week so if you are looking for a 0530 workout, we'll be there for you and we'll definately be there for Grad week. Start thinking now about how you are going to get your workouts in over summer. If you need help, there are lots of resources.

SB--I am all for the CF company athletic. Could be some really sick workouts AND we could make a great affiliate for a national stage.

RW said...


Tex said...


It was great to see some long lost CF brethren there this morning. I agree about the week being rough on the legs.

Anonymous said...

19:22, running backwards was a killer. I think CA Crossfit would be a great idea, I know that I would definitely do it.

Grenade said...

NM, thanks for the info. That workout was a beast and running uphill backwards gives a new meaning to pain.

C V said...

CF Room Update:

GHDs are here. The Arvin crew will assemble them Monday.

The plate racks and the rest of the bumpers are moved into the room already.

The bar racks and the 16 total bars are here and will be moved in no later than Monday.

We are now only missing the spotter straps.

MattF said...

Ok, normally I do not post speeches but i think something should be given some though to what SB and B&G said, CF company athletics would be kind of cool. But in the last lines of CF's World Class fitness in 100 words says, "...Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports." See the last line, regulary play and learn new sports, that is what company athletics allows cadets to do. Cadet's should be both fit and athletic. Dutch Lowy suggests that fitness and athleticism are not the same thing, but sports correalte to athleticism and crossfit is fitness. That being said, most of the morning crew would be lost due to being able to attend in the afternoon all the time. I could write more about this, and if you have any questions just ask, but another thing i think that spereates us from all the guy's I competed against this weekend is that I do more than Crossfit. I can compete with them, and i can do more than them. Maybe i am wrong..... but we will see

Michael said...

19:42. I started from next to the helipad for all but the last hill so that probably added some time. This was a real smoker!

R_Sherry said...

My first CF WOD, VGorilla got me interested.
Did APFT this afternoon- 84, 89, 11:34 then the WOD. Time was 18:24. tough last backwards hill run and burpees.

Go Cubs said...


Chat said...