Thursday 5/7/09

For time.

3 rounds of:

10 x 275lb Dead lift
50 x Double under

Post time to comments.

As Rx'd is 275lb for men and 185lb for women on the dead lift. So scale as necessary to maintain intensity. If you get to where you cannot do 3-4 reps at a time scale down the weight.


RW said...

This WOD comes from the CrossFit Games MidAtlantic Qualifier. The fastest time was 3:06.

dan09 said...


First two rounds and two reps on the third at 275# before scaling to 255#

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

14:32...darn double unders were awful. I felt okay on the deadlifts but couldn't string together any more than about 5 double unders at a time. At one point I was doing them one at a time. DUs are still my number 1 goat. I've been working on them and can do them when I'm fresh. This just highlights the contantly varied dynamic of CF.

Great group this morning. No way we could have put that kind of through put at the same time in the 3rd floor gym.

CrossFit Friday tomorrow...the last one for many of you Firsties. Let's make it a good one.

Anonymous said...

225# deadlift
Had a rough time gettin in rhythm with the DU's
But good workout overall.

RW said...

Well did not get close to 3:06...

10:25 as rx'd

I was good on DUs, just pretty slow on DL by rd 3.

Mac said...'s all about the double unders! I think what speeded me up was 12-15 DU's at a time.

I was really working on something Mark mentioned. When the rope is above your head, really focus on pulling it down fast, and then let it relax on the upswing. Seems to work for me. Still, nothing close to 3:06.

SB said...

22:47 (scaled DL to 205lbs)

DUs were ridiculous. Its amazing how much focus/concentration/coordinaton that skills takes. awesome!
looking forward to CF Friday

Anonymous said...

16:32. I started with 275#, then when I got to the second round, I did 3 reps @ 275 before I tore a callous, so I did the last 7 reps with 225. Last set I scaled even further down to 185. DU are definitely a goat for me.

MattF said...

4:45 Rx'd

Good group. Remember the new standards and try and get someone to count your reps for you if you can. Thanks Dana for counting for me.

C V said...

Alright, I sucked today.
275, 255 (by mistake), 275
scaled DU to 30 to keep intensity up (they were that bad). Gotta go find my form again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the double unders....lots of experience with those

hamp said...

scaled deadlift to 225lbs

upty03 said...

9:33 as RX'ed

rested 10 min, then did yesterday's WOD

Finished 8 rounds.

Tough day to play catch-up.

Demet-hook said...

10:11 RX'd

I surprised myself w/ the DL's

I also realized how bad I suck at DUs.

Great workout.

richard said...


had to scale DL down to 225. Improved a lot on DU today, starting to get the hang of it.

Michael said...

14:12. I started off with 225 but scaled down to 185 when I felt my hands slipping due to how humid it was. I moved the jump ropes to underneath the med balls since they keep getting creases on them when they are hung up on the wall. The crease kept coming back when I was doing the double unders and tripping me up.

Tex said...

14:30 @ 265lbs

I lost a lot of time in the DUs, but started to get the hang of it at the end.

NM said...

Had to take off this morning before the WOD so I'll have to make it up this weekend.

See you tomorrow AM...

CLG said...

17:36 scaled the dead lift down to 185 then 155 otherwise my form was out the window.

du's... brutal.

dkeys said...

12:23 with 225..doubleunders were killer.....didn't fell confident with 275 but was able to maintain intensity with 225.