Saturday 5/30/09 - Sunday 5/31/09

Rest Days.


Mark R said...

This was posted as a response to DB's recommendation of an Army v. Navy WOD. Start thinking about when a good time to do this would be - possibly Army/Navy week in December?

"Major Dan,
Efforts are underway. I organized (7) local affiliates going to train Midshipmen throughout the spring semester this year during the Combat Fitness Intramural. The interest among Mids is very high. There are staff at Navy who are pursuing it and I think they'll have more CF exposure this summer as well as a continued interest in the Fall.
Only time will tell, but an Army/Navy CF Throwdown sounds like a great idea. Time and place?
Semper Fi,

Comment #6 - Posted by: John at May 28, 2009 3:07 AM

SB said...

B&G nation--
Episode 3 of Boz and Todd is now on the CFJ. Check it out!

SB said...

Go Army Baseball!!!
Just beat Boston College and they are in the Regional Championship versus Texas tonight at 7pm.
Go Army, Beat the hell out of Texas!