Tuesday 5/19/09

Two events today.

1) 1 rep max box jump (how high can you go?)

2) As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

300m row or 200m run
6 x Mountain climber
3 x waist high box jump
6 x Burpee

Post height and rounds to comments.


C V said...

For Reference:
The Rubber Blocks are 9"x12"x24"
I'll bring the measuring tape tomorrow morning and figure out the height of plates

upty03 said...

there are no boxes at west point that can contain my vertical...i might have to do a box jump from the ground to the roof of the MWR gym.

Vanilla Gorilla said...
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Mark R said...

Almost made it to 5 rounds - finished with 4 burpees left.

My box jump height was 45" - hopefully the picture CV took turns out. Give that a shot Upty!

Props to the two guys from E4 that came out for their first WOD this morning!!

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Box Jump 36 inches.

8 rounds as rx'd plus 200m run

dan09 said...

highest jump - 39.5"

WOD w/ rower and 36" box - six rounds + 1 row after time expired

dan09 said...

the second installment of the boz and todd experience with Ashley S. is up on the main page and the journal now. check it out.

RW said...

1 rm box jump = 42 in

5 rds + 1 row w/ 36in box (this was short of waist high)

Chris said...

WOD w/ rower and 36" box - six rounds + 1 row after time expired

Highest box jump was 39.5" (the 36" platform + a 45# bumper plate)

Crash landed once on a failed box jump attempt. Not too much blood though.

There was a bent barbell in the gym today. The bars are all guaranteed for life so Rouge is sending a replacement today. (They are also replacing all the collars whose pins have detached) But, this is the first Rouge Bar to have ever been reported as bending. Rouge is hoping to find out what caused it to bend. If you know who did it or how it happened, please let us know. No one is in trouble, it is just to help prevent it from happening in the future.

Mac said...

Highest jump - 48" (that's assuming the 45lb bumper weights are about 3 inches tall; 5x blocks, 1x bumper weight).

6 rds + 200m run, 6x mountain climbers and 3x waist high jumps.

Gregg said...

1rm bx jp, 4 boxes stacked 9 inches, then a 45 and a 10, I believe 41.

5 rnds + 300m row and 1 bx jump, boxes at 36"

dkeys said...

Took out run/row part...too many people in the gym...subbed in a 40min run to readout 4...good smoker

Max jump at 36" and change (whatever a 25lb bumper plate is)

AMRAP in 15 minutes of the others...9 and 3 burpees

blendedplanet said...

6 rounds + 75m w/33" jump (it was a pick-up tailgate)

45" max jump

upty03 said...


4 rounds and row complete