Friday 5/15/09

For time.

5 rounds of:

1 x Snatch
3 x Heaving snatch balance
6 x Overhead squat
9 x Pull up
100m run

Rx'd weight is 95lb for men, 65lb for women.

Post time to comments.


Gregg said...

14:30, time was pretty ugly. Need to man up.

RW said...

9:28 as rx'd

I think on this WOD you should error on the side of accuracy over intensity on the snatch, heaving balance and o/h squat because the rep count is so low on all three and form is so critical. Focus on learning the correct habits.

Also, to all of those attending the gymnastics cert this weekend, have a great time!

C V said...

No head injury either....

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

HA, HA, HA, CV, very funny but remember it was your faulty piece of gear that caused the head injury.

9:01 was my time today. I agree with MAJ Wylie about form and working on good habits.

We also learned some really valuble lessons as well.

1. If you are going to mount rings and do muscle ups on the new pull up system that Chris V. built, you need to do them facing the inside of the structure. If you do them facing out and have a violent kip, like I do, you risk cracking your head open on the bar.

2. If you do actually crack your head open, there is a trainer who can give you gauze and ice just down the hall from the '62 room.

3. Once you are deemed okay by the trainer, your workout partners will take great delight in mocking you and taking pictures of your bloody scalp and face.

4. CrossFitters are loyal to each other in that they will assist you in cleaning up your blood all the while continuing to laugh at your misfortune.

5. Your head bleeds like crazy and it is really hard to stop when you've been sweating but ice and direct pressure will do the trick.

6. Nothing ever good comes from the words, "You'll be fine. Here watch me."

Have a good weekend. See some of you at the Gymnastics Cert.

NM said...

11:34 (scaled to 65 lbs.)

This really exposed my goats...lots of work to do on the snatch, heaving snatch balance, and OHS. Good coaching from Gregg and CV this AM.

B&G CF, thanks for the laughs this AM and the great's always best when you can laugh at yourself.

dan09 said...

rx'd 8:56

Kingsley said...

9:10 as rx'd

Good workout. Worked out with SB. Then, we had some fun working on some variations of the Flying Fran.

B&G, it's always good that all equipment is properly PMCS'd. Thanks for taking the hit.

SB said...

10:23 scaled to 65lbs.
Good wod! The bars are awesome! I did do a muscle up according to DB's suggestion and still hit my head but not severe. Just have to be aware of it. Shouldnt be an issue.

dkeys said...

11:52 actually able to keep the weight the same. Had to adjust my pull ups to jumping, my hands are still torn up. Good workout sorry i missed the morning crew, slept thru my alarm....see some of ya'll at the cert this weekend

Mark R said...

10:40 (scaled to 65#)
Thanks to everyone for the coaching - snatch and OH squats are a big challenge.

Those going to the Gymnastics cert - please share the goodness you get this weekend with the group at some point.

Smitty said...

did this sunday after coming back from tee leave. pukey tried to show up