CrossFit Friday 5/1/09

Meet at the River Courts next to the Crew Building at 0530.

Buddy Murph

For time.

Run 1 mile
100 x Pull up
200 x Push up
300 x Squat
500m Buddy carry

--On the mile, the buddy team must stay within an arms length.
--You can use any combination you choose to do the pull ups, push ups and squats but you must achieve those totals as a team.
--The buddy carry also can be done in any manner you want and you can switch out as many times as needed to cover the 500m but one member of the team must always be carried.

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LeMeur said...



SB said...

McDermott/Bault: 22:46

Next time we do it with weight vest or IBA

Mac said...

Great turnout this morning, and a fun WOD. 10 Bandits at CrossFit Friday...setting the standard! Good to see you all out there.

Michael said...

19:51. This workout definitely gets the job done. Thanks Major Blackmon for the tips on the kipping pull-ups afterwards.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Good job Bandits...Big Snakes where are you?! Greeks took the cake yesterday! Good to see some in house competition, now lets see which Company can bring the most consistantly. Then we'll see some bragging rights.

21:08 for me and MAJ Wylie. I asked MAJ Mayo to send in his car for some services since I KNOW that was a very long mile! Lesson learned for some of you though, anytime you are told a distance multiply by about 1.25 and you'll be a lot closer, especially if it comes from the S2 shop. Good WOD, see you Monday in the new room.

Njc said...

Nick and Bobby

I think the Big Snakes were busy winning another Brigade Championship.

NM said...

Josh and I finished in 20:01.

While the Big Snakes have consistently shown up in large numbers throughout the year, I do think the Bandits edged us out today. Yeah, the Greeks had a sick showing yesterday as well...good stuff. Anyways, look forward to some more company competition next week.

Great note from MAJ B on the distro...agree with all. Pls check it out if you haven't already.

Chewy said...



good workout

Maj said...


BHaley said...

Missed the workout this morning along with the rest of the sleepy Snakes, did a traditional Murph this afternoon, 33:39.

Tex said...

Modified Murph:

2000m Row

100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats

Gym Loop with 100lb dummy


Major THS on the squats, push-ups and dummy carry.