Wednesday 4/15/09

Originally, we had another hero workout planned for today but decided to do this new one instead. As with any of these, do not forget why we have hero WODs and remember to give your all on the workout as they gave their all for us.


For time.

Five rounds of:

12 x 155lb Deadlift
9 x 155lb Hang power clean
6 x 155lb Push jerk

Scale this workout as needed to complete it inside of 20 minutes.

This workout is in honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on February, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

Post time to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Did the first set of DLs with 155 but moved down to 135 for the rest of the workout. Did not stop clock when I switched plates. Great workout and another great showing by the morning crew.


Chewy said...

Scaled the weight down to only 115lbs. I forgot to keep time, but I was probably close to around 20 min or maybe even over...THS...

Griff said...

21:58 at 135lbs.

My form got worse on the hang cleans as time went on

CMCD said...


Did the first set at 155, but moved down to 135 afterwards.

Another good workout this morning.

dan09 said...

Scaled to 135# - 25:55

HPCs were the big problem again. Had to swith to regular PCs in the last round.

Tex said...

24:46 @ 135

The last jerk took me more than a minute, I just could not clean the weight.....smoked.

Anonymous said...

Did first set at 155, then scaled down to 135. I should of probably tried 140 or 145. When I started to get tired I was doing more of a Push Press instead of a Push jerk.

I need to work on keeping my feet closer when executing the Hang Power Cleans. When I started to get tired my legs spread far out to get the weight up. No THS!!!!!

MattF said...

12:54 as Rx'd

Good Workout. Would like to do this one again. MAJ B called me out during my 4th and 5th round that I was resting too much. My grip just gave way after round 3 and i began game planning my reps instead of going all out intensity. If MAJ B didint call me out, i probably would have rested more. We need to continue to push each other everyday.

SB said...

20:46 scaled HPC and PJ to 95lbs, but kept DL at 155.
Great WOD!

Hungry Hungry Hippo said...

Scaled down to 115 after 1st Round @ 135

about 14 minutes

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:13 as Rx'd. The HPCs were really hard. My hang continually got lower and lower but I was making a conscious effort to make sure the weight was truly hanging before starting the clean. Felt good going overhead. That was a tough one.

Good work on the scaling for most of you. Chuck and Phead, you guys already mentioned it but maybe you scaled a little too much. 145 may have been in the ball park for you on this one to get you close to 20 min. No big deal though, you were able to maintain a higher intensity than I was because you could move the weight faster.

C V said...

I dropped the ball on this one. Overslept.
Had to do this in the 3rd reg weight room b/c a class was going on in the third floor weight room.

12:58 as Rx'd. This one brought me to the ground after it was done. It's lonely though doing without the group.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Oh I forgot to mention...Chris V and Tony N. may need some help on Saturday. We are getting our t-shirts in on Friday and were planning on selling them on Saturday at Sandhurst. Need some volunteers to assist. Want to get a bar with some bumpers, a couple of kettle bells, med balls out there. Contact Chris and he can set up a rotation. I know that some of you will be following your Sandhurst teams but this is a good opportunity to get the word out and get some $$ for more equipment and some "nice to haves" in the new gym.

Going to need some help on set up and selling.

Mac said...

11:08, and scaled to 115 after two rounds. In a rush this morning, so decided to go more for intensity than endurance.

NM said...

Attempted first round at 155, though had to scale after the HPCs...the PJs just weren't happenin. Anyways, scaled to 135 for the rest and finished at 14:40. Like some of you, I now wish I had scaled to 145.

RW said...

19:03 as rx'd

I will say upfront that I am the biggest culprit of the following push jerk cheat... but I saw some people this morning cheating on the push jerk by getting the bar overhead and elbows fully extended, but then as they were extending their hips the weight was already coming down from over head. The finishing position for all shoulder lifts is arms and hips fully extended. Please call me out on this in the future if you see me doing it. It is a bad habit I really need to work on.

Chewy said...

Just got done doing another crossfit workout, got it from the navy SEAL crossfit website. They usually have some pretty disgusting workouts on there, so if anyone wants to check it out, here is the link:

Body Weight for all lifts:

Run 1 mile
50 deadlifts @ body weight
25 burpees
50 back squats @ body weight
25 burpees
50 bench press @ body weight
25 burpees
Run 1 mile

this sucked big time...

Michael said...

18:44 with 115 lbs. Definitely a tough workout. I had to break up the cleans into little sets because I kept losing grip strength.

upty03 said...


Scaled back to 130 after 1st round. Regretted scaling after I finished. Think I would have been around 21 min as RX'ed.