Wednesday 4/29/09

Meet in Hayes Gym.


As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

2 x Muscle up
4 x Hand stand push up
8 x Kettle bell swing

Sub for muscle up is 4 pull ups and 4 regular dips
Sub for hand stand push up is 20 second hand stand per push up
Scale Kettle bell swing as needed as Rx'd is 70lb

Post number of rounds to comments.


C V said...



Josh said...

6 rounds or so... ish.

Muscle ups... killer.

SB said...

10 rnds + 1xHSPU (used 53lb KB)
need to work on KB form and HSPU depth though

have another WOD at lunch...the APFT.

RW said...

7 or 8 rds + muscle ups

Did not complete this one as rx'd because of HSPU. My head was not touching the floor and on two rounds I did negatives for 1-2 reps.

I had trouble keeping my heart rate elevated on this one because my strength is just not there on HSPU.

Maj said...

10rds + 2MU
HSPU were tough on this one.
With the new CF room will we be able to do more MUs in our warm up?

hamp said...

10 rds...muscle ups were tough. my form was awful

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Completely lost count. It was somewhere around 10 but I had to go to Muscle up progressions after about round 5, my shoulders were smoked. Good WOD but as RW said, very hard to keep up the intensity because of weakness in an event.

The new room will eventually have permenant rings hung from one of the I beams. We will also put some on the basefit racks to work progressions.

NM said...

10 rnds + MUs + 1x HSPU (used 53lb KB)

Need to continue to work on HSPU form, specifically touching head to floor on all reps and also perfecting the hollow rocker position (and looking outward) instead of dragging my head on the wall like I did today on many reps.

Great group this AM...see you tomorrow.

BHaley said...

13 rds + MU's (53lb KB)

Arm strength for HSPU slowed this one down, last two rounds I had to do negatives for my fourth rep because my body just wasn't going up.

Special thanks to MAJ Mayo for making me feel completely worthless for not showing up yesterday, the shaming really helped me get out of bed this morning.

C V said...

Please check back on this site at 1830. There is a better than average chance that we may have to come together tonight to get the gym finished. If so, I'll post and we can meet up at 1900. Thank you.

Did MU work today. Starting to scale back for the CF qualifiers in Dallas this weekend.

SB said...

Glad to report no ill effects from Nate this morning...
took APFT at lunch, score= 352
Actually took 30 sec off my previous run time and stayed about the same on PU/SU off of just doing our specificity. enough works!

Steven said...
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Demet-hook said...

I didn't read all the way. I thought the sub for a MU was 3 PUs and 3 dips...Regardless, for 11 rds I miscalculated and did only 3 PUs and 3 dips for the sub for MUs...I also scaled down to the 53kg kettle bell...

15 rds NOT as RX'd

C V said...


The gym is assembeled. No need to come by Arvin tonight. I just ask that you leave the equipment in the room alone until 1330 tomorrow. After that, Go Crazy And have fun with it.

dkeys said...

12 rounds but with some alterations...

3 PullUps 3 Dips for Muscle Ups
35lb KB--found out after that I need some work on connecting my hips into the movement...should be able to use a heavier KB with some more work

Big props to Greg for suffering thru that one with me and the CFE WOD from yesterday

I need some serious AI with the muscle there any kind of variation to help get the movement down?

Tex said...

I worked MUs as well and I think that I finally have them figured out. Thanks to MattF and CV for the form help. I did the CF Endurance this afternoon on the C2

9 min time trial: 2350m

Smitty said...

did a Cindy instead

16 1/2 rounds. Focussed on push up and pull up form