Wedneday 4/22/09

For time.

21-15-9 reps of:

Double unders
45lb Thrusters
Ring Dips
45lb Squat Cleans
95lb Dead lifts

Post time to comments.

If you have a jump rope bring it with you. For those of you on a condensed schedule, find the time to get your workout in if it is not in the morning.


C V said...


Sorinex was a little late on shipping out the racks. Those will ship out from Rouge Fitness in Ohio via freight tomorrow. (They are the Sorinex BaseFit Racks... google them to see a picture) This will hopefully mean they are set up on Friday.

Hopefully the only item we will be missing on Friday will be the Sorinex Rubber Utility Block (google it). Sorinex has not shipped those out yet.

The KB's, DB's, Barbells, Bumpers, rubber bands, GHD's, 3/4" Rubber mats, rings, Med Balls, KB racks, Med Ball Racks, & DB racks are already here.

The flying fran pull up bars are pretty much done, just need a couple of welds and some paint.

dan09 said...

Rx'd - 13:47

Much harder than it looks on paper. Double unders when your grip is failing are brutal.

RW said...

10:00 as rx'd

I love double-unders.

SB said...

18:25 as rx'd
I hate double-unders!

C V said...


I'm undecided on Double Unders.

My ring dips were sucking today.

NM said...


Gotta work on ring dips.

Mac said...

11:10. I kind of figured out double unders (thanks Mark, it worked!), which made all the difference to the time.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

10:38...damn you double unders!

Okay so from now on, double unders are part of the Black and Gold CrossFit warm up. Add 3 sets of 10 to each warm up.

good workout.

Stroh's Lite said...

19:19 (jumping/assisted ring dips)

Is it possible to find a new goat during every CF workout? Today's would be ring dips... damn thos shaky rings.

Michael said...

22:24. Double unders took me forever since I could barely do two at a time, so I probably ended up jumping about three times longer than I should have. Ring dips were really tough as well, and I struggled through them until MAJ Bault recommended just working on stabilization. Brutal workout...

athletic_armadillo said...

so I suck and have been a few days behind. bear.. was a bitch.. i did 95 push press
115 clean
135 front squat
185 back squat. i'm not sure if i did it right, but meh. I'm doing today's workout tomorrow... and i used 115 for the workout earlier this week. (cleans push press and dead lift)

hamp said...

Couldn't get the double-unders to work for me, they're something I really need to work on

10:00 (did 2x the # of jump ropes, which really is no where near as difficult or challenging as double-unders)

Tex said...


45lb Thrusters
Ring Dips
45lb Squat Cleans
95lb Deadlift


Major THS. I had to change the workout because I cannot yet do jump-rope. Jumping and a bum ankle do not mix.

Demet-hook said...

12:45...this time is somewhat estimated. my jumprope got tangled and it took me a little bit to find a spot where I could do the DU's without getting my rope caught on the ceiling (I was in the 4th reg weight room). I did have a stopwatch, I just subtracted 1:30 from the total time...


PTisFREE said...

This one was one hell of a smoker

richard said...


was unable to do the double-unders, that is something I need to work on. I did 2x the number of jump ropes to try and compansate but that was much easier and quicker then double-unders

Chewy said...


Double unders are not my thing...

upty03 said...


Ring Dips destroyed me.