Saturday 4/18/09 - Sunday 4/19/09

Rest Days.

Come out, watch the Sandhurst Competition at Camp Buckner. Buy your Black and Gold CrossFit Shirt next to the Commandant's Challenge and compete for a free shirt at our special Sandhurst WOD.


N G said...

There was a post on Platoon Leader asking for examples of a crossfit workout routine and apparently one of the people working up there (aka here, one of the group?) posted our website, you can see the message board posts below. Good to see B + G getting represented out there. Link below.

C V said...

Check out MAJ Maxwell's CF Radio interview. A lot of talk about B&G.

Max said...


Doing a media interview is a requirement for all CGSC students. I contacted them, and I was lucky that JJ and Neil wanted to do this me.

I hope I represented the B&G affiliate well. If not, or if there are lessons or comments, post them on the comments under the interview. Agree or disagree with something? Post it! Continue to get the message out there.

Chris V. - There were questions about the West Point affiliate I couldn't answer - could you get on there and answer them? Also, can you get with MAJ Blackmon and post some sort of "grand opening" picture show for folks (ie entire CF community) to view. I bet Lisabeth on the affiliate blog would post the story!

Hope the Sandhurst day goes well.

Train hard!


SB said...

Dave-- Awesome interview on CF Radio!!! Can't say enough.

CV-- lets get your Class of 62 presentation packet to CF Journal. We may have to repackage in a certain way for the journal but that's too easy. lays out why CF is needed for Soldiers. This would definitely help out other military affiliates that are trying to get things going and are having trouble justifying to the powers at be. Why recreate the wheel? They could just take your presentation and taylor it to their needs where ever they are. DB...what do you think?