Thursday 4/16/09


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press

Rest as needed between rounds.

Post total reps to comments.

The rest period on this is as needed. That does not do 1 set, come back a few hours later and do another set etc... You should be done with this in about 20 minutes.


C V said...

In reference to yesterday's WOD, would it be better to pick a weight that you can complete each set without stopping or go with a weight that would have to break up into smaller set after the first round or two? I could see it going either way. Thoughts?

Tex said...
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Tex said...

It seems that yesterday's workout would just turn into another 95lb suck if we lowered the weight to the point that the sets could be completed with no breaks. I think that both forms have their place.

Chewy said...

Sorry guys, I let you down. I accidentally slept through my alarm. I will make up the workout sometime later today...

CMCD said...


My muscle endurance wasn't where I thought it would be.

Tex said...


reps total=148

My pull-ups really carried me through this one.

RW said...

Total reps = 131 (185lbs bench)

I liked resting as needed as opposed to a set 2 minute rest, allows you to really achieve max effort / round.

Chris V and Matt F you totals are below:

Chris V = 116
Matt F = 221 (you freak of nature!)

I have the sheet with reps / round if you want that info as well.

Anonymous said...

BW= 185lbs

Pull-ups hurt me on my total. i need to work on my rhythm when kipping

Xfit28 said...

SO I'm new to this posting thing, and just started trying crossfit (between the reg weightroom and Arvin sometimes). I was reading some stuff on the journal, and I was wondering what the most important (or hierarchy) areas of fitness are? I know the 10 they list, but some of those have to be more important than others. Anyone have an idea?

dan09 said...

Missed the morning group due to an alarm clock failure. I'm sufficiently ashamed of myself.

Did the WOD first hour:

Bench (BW 145): 64
Pull Up: 94
Total: 158

Setting two alarms from now on

JP said...

Didnt know if we were supposed to
count pull ups and Bench or just Bench.

Reps for bench: 42
Reps for Pullup: 56


Mac said...

At 195 lbs.


Performance fell off sharply after rd 2.

NM said...

BW= 175 lbs
Bench= 58
Pull-up= 93
Total= 151

Saw some awesome butterfly kipping this morning...gotta figure that one out.

SB said...


43x bench press
109x pull-ups
Total= 152

Pullups carried me. Limiting factor on pullups was hands.
Good wod....chest will be feeling it tomorrow.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

149 total. Good workout and I agree with MAJ Wylie, resting as needed really allowed me to go with max effort each round. I found that my rest periods were between 3-4 minutes.

Xfit28--To answer your question. The 10 physical skills do not really have a hierarchy. The fundamental belief of CrossFit is the the most fit is the one who is best at most. Our natural tendency is to gravitate to the things that we do best. The runner will work stamina and cardio vascular endurance, the power lifter will work stength and power, the gymnast agility, coordination, balance, the shooter accuracy. YOu see where I am going. What CrossFit will challenge you to do is to find those skills that you are not as good at and work them. That is why our workouts are by definition, constantly varied. We work all of these in any given week. Those who dabble in CF often only pick and choose the workouts they want to do because some may put them out of their comfort zone. The avid CrossFitter recognizes where he needs to work and relishes the opportunity to get better at that skill even if it means he finishes last, has the lowest total weight, number of reps, or number of rounds. Each of us has our "goats". The goal is to minimize them.

We strive to specialize in not specializing. Combat will kill the specialist. I do not want a leader who is just good at his PT test. I would much rather have a LT who scores 290 on his PT test but can do 20 pull ups, dead lift twice his body weight, can do 10 hand stand push ups, and can clean and press of his body weight x number of times, etc... That leader is fit. Any one can practice the PT test and get better at it but being truly fit requires working those 10 physical skills over and over again.

Hope that helps. If you want to talk more, my door is always open.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Oh BW is 175lb. Sorry I meant to add that in my post.

MattF said...

BW=204 used 205 for Bench press.

The rest was very much needed and was huge in going all out each time. Was happy my pull ups stayed consistent throughout all the rounds while practicing the chest to bar pull up technique with Chris V.

upty03 said...

BW 195

Bench press was worst total ever--36

Pull-ups was personal record--117

Total: 153

T8 said...



Chewy said...

Here is my makeup due to the fact I missed out this morning...

Body weight = 155

Bench reps = 51

Pull up reps = 91

Total reps = 142

With that SEAL workout yesterday, my chest is now even more burnt out...haha.

Demet-hook said...

I did dead hang pull ups so my score is lower than it would have been if I kipped...

Body weight is 170lbs

Score: 82

Josh said...

BW 225#

46 Bench
26 Pullups

72... I am officially ashamed to call myself a man. I really need to get those pullups up...

N G said...

Ran 3 miles yesterday to get some longer cardio in on the nice day. Started today's workout tonight but my elbow was acting up too much from grappling and the rest of the week. Did about 25 bench @ 135 (BW = 157) and 50 pull ups before I stopped. May re-do this and make up WEDS WOD tommorow or SAT if my body would stop being stubborn...

Checked out that navyseal crossfit page, got some great WODs on there. Thanks for posting the site.