CrossFit Friday 4/3/09

Meet in 2nd floor gym.

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

Perform squats for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.
(Total time of 4 minutes)
Rest position is in the bottom of the squat.
Score is lowest number of reps completed on any given round.


For time.

4 rounds of:

5 x Hand stand push ups (sub = 1 minute total static hand stand)
15 x Burpee
25 x Push up
35 x Squat
Gym loop (2nd to 4th floor loop)

Post Tabata score and time to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Squat: 14

14:58 as rx'd

Great community suck today.

SB said...

Tabata= 13(PR) increased by 4

21:59 as rx'd, should have taken a rest after the tabata.
Good WOD!

Tex said...

Squat: 12

20:52 as rx'd

I just did not feel that great this morning. It was great to see BTD there this morning.

I thought that LTC Bannister was joking about the donuts.....

Anonymous said...

Tabata= lost count

APFT next Tuesday!!!!

PTisFREE said...


PTisFREE said...

Tabata: 18

Mark R said...

Tabata = 12

As rx'd but forgot to start the watch (not that the time would have been impressive).

Thanks to everyone for showing up - it kept me going! Props to Villarreal!

CMCD said...
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CMCD said...

Tabata: 13

20:42 as rx'd. Thank you dana for pushing me at the end. i severly underestimated this workout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Squat 16

18:40 as rx'd.

Great turnout today. On the cadet side, that should be the standard. On the TAC side, I would love to see more of that kind of participation each week. It is really impressive to see what cadets can come up with and organize when they use their imagination. Good work to Chris V today on coming up with that workout. It was exactly what we needed to end a hard week. Good work, see you all Monday.

By the way, shirts were ordered on Wednesday, I expect to have them NLT the 15th of this month. If you didn't let me know you wanted one don't fret, I ordered over 150 so I'm sure you can still get one. I wouldn't wait too long though.

Step said...

Squats: 12

Didn't have a watch, just tried to go hard

Big up to V for the workout

C V said...

21:05. My legs are ready for a break.

The first part of the new equipment has arrived. The rest will be here soon.

Awesome work today. I am going to start making a greater effort to bring in new folks to the CF arena. I think a lot of people are intimidated by it or misunderstand what it is. As we have seen this week, the more people we have a workout, the more fun it is and the times are better too.

Dana said...

tabata: 14


C V said...

To anyone with monster legs: Brian MacKenzie (Head of CrossFit Endurance) put out this challenge today.

"I throw out the challenge now for any CrossFit Freaks. If you can come within 15sec of Lucas' time of 3:00 on 15 reps (he actually did 16) of a 315lb Back Squat + a 500m row I will personally comp you into my Cert."

dkeys said...

Missed this mornings workout...have a slight strain in my hamstring after practice yesterday (6.8mi at 7:00/mi)...subbing pilates and some serious R.I.C.E. to get ready for next week. See ya'll Monday. Sorry I missed the group this morning.

NM said...

Squat= 14
18:53 as rx'd.

Chris, thanks for the workout this morning and all you other guys for being there. You'd better shame any TAC absent from this morning's WOD...

Looking forward to Monday and another great week.

N G said...

Tabata = 13


13/14 handstands before i had to subb. Tendonitis is slowing me down a bit.

Sorry I missed the work out, alarm went off 4 times before i woke up. Been subbing some APFT work outs lately. Hope to join the team a couple of mornings a week after the APFT.