Saturday 4/25/09 - Sunday 4/26/09

Rest Days.

Enjoy the great weather. For those of you going to the cert, learn something and get ready to use your new knowledge. Be watching the main site, I expect to see some film there pretty soon on Black and Gold CF.


C V said...

The gym is coming along. We have the initial parts moved in. There was a mix up on Friday between the freight company and the receiving company so some stuff did not get delivered. It will be ready to go on Monday.

N G said...

Made up Wed's workout. Did 20" Box Jumps instead of double unders and only regular dips.

18:40 big THS.

The gym looks like its going to be sweet, cant wait for flying fran.... in a sick sort of way.

C V said...


There will be a special workout tomorrow (Sunday) at 1230 at Arvin. CrossFit HQ will be there filming. We need a strong showing. Uniform is CrossFit T-Shirt and non-Gym A shorts. If you don't have a B&G CF t-shirt, we can get you one tomorrow. Meet at Arvin at 1230. Boz and Todd, two of the top CF trainers out there, will be there to check it out lend a hand.

Michael said...

5:15. Arvin lung is now taking effect thanks to the IOCT afterwards. Good workout for a post-FEE day.