Thursday, 09/02/10

30 muscle-ups for time.

If you do not have muscle-ups, you HAVE to come to this session.  Practice is the only way to develop this skill!

Here is a great video to get you thinking about correct muscle-up progressions.

Achieving the Muscle-up from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

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Joseph said...

still need to work on MUs alot

MikeRothenb said...

messed around with muscle ups, i have them but the problem is stringing them together, i need to develop my grip strength to keep going.

does anyone take fish oil? ive been taking 2g per day for about a year now. anyone else have experience with it? how much do you take? do you take it before or after your workout?

Nick B said...

The ultimate GOAT!
did about 45mins of just technique-
still trying to stay motivated that one day I will complete a MU- new target is Xmass. We'll see.

Mike- I take fish oil. After going tothe cert and listening to the nutrition seminar this was the one supplement recommended by "CF". There are some great discussion boards on line. I read an interesting article about European doctors are recommending massive doses to patients to reduce inflamation, prevent cancer, promote weight losss, ect. I take 2 pills a day, both in the morning. The dose is 650mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA per.

Nick B said...

one more thing- good video on the main site/journal aboupost workout nutrition under today's WOD

Pauly D said...

What can I say...Pauly D got played by them ropes today. I hear fish oil helps you maintain your tan better.

Zachary said...

Can't yet do a full one

JWM said...


I am a big believer in fish oil as well. I try for 5 grams per day. I split mine up between the day to avoid fish burps (they suck). I notice that I am not taking as much Mortin or other NSAIDs because the fish oil keep the blood moving smoothly.

For everybody, notice that there are some new "Nutrition" links on the right side of the blog. Thanks to MarkR for pointing us toward them. Some interesting information if you are hoping to dial in your nutrition or just get smarter about it.

Adam said...

My time for the MUs is still running and probably will continue to run for the next couple of years before I can complete 30. Worked on form today, thanks for Bob for the pointers.

nate.webster said...

Hit 4 clean ones. Did pulls up for the rest.

EB said...

11:51 as Rx'd. The 30th rep really gave me trouble... struggled with it for around 3 minutes.

This is one of my favorite workouts... and just so happens to come after the post about commenting on workouts. It makes it alot easier that way! But in reality I have been really bad about not putting anything up. I've been doing B&G regularly for close to 2 years now and have always had the bad habit of not posting. But I am going to get on if from here on out.

It is easy to do today, but tomorrow will be a different story... I hate gym loops!

CPR said...

14:49 -Had to have a little jump to go into the muscle up