Friday, 09/03/10

CrossFit Friday!  You do not want to do this alone.  Bring a friend to help encourage you along the way!

Note:  come out and finish a tough week with another tough WOD.  I gym loops next week!

For time:
10 Burpee pull-ups
Run gym loop
8 Burpee pull-ups 
Run gym loop
6 Burpee pull-ups 
Run gym loop
4 Burpee pull-ups 
Run gym loop
2 Burpee pull-ups 
Run gym loop

Post time to comments


Zachary said...

14:04, that includes a bathroom emergency stop

Randothezoomie said...


Joseph said...

11:58, used the top middle bar for the first two, then dropped to regular bar after quads said no more.

Wothie said...

11:00, great intensity

MikeRothenb said...


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Try and get to a local affiliate wherever you may be going, they usually dont charge you for just a single time drop-in. and spread the word about black and gold.

SG said...

12:52...ankle getting better, but took it slow down the stairs. Good CrossFit Friday showing today!

JWM said...


Have a safe and awesome Labor Day Weekend! Missed you all this week so it was great to be back this morning.

Adam said...

12:04 - good times as always.

Anonymous said...

12:15. I'd rather do 50 burpee pullups than another gym loop.

Kings said...

Gym loops were tough.

Nick B said...

do I even need to comment on the gym loops? I guess I just did.
They suck so bad I love them if that makes any sense- humbling

RmeHiDr8n said...

finally got around to creating a google account

Stroh's Lite said...

12:31 Loved it.
Probably had some tenderheart syndrome on the run as I knew I was going rucking right afterwards... betrayed the intensity concept by trying to save for later. Lesson learned: what you give at CrossFit, stays at CrossFit.

Sodak said...

13:05 I think running it my new goat... Let's hope that wasn't predictive of the crossfit indoor running season..... Have a great weekend. Feel free to eat whatever you want, we will work it off next week. Remember it's easier to keep up than catch up.... Not that I know.... Just what i have heard