Thursday, 09/09/10

For weight:
1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

We will work some snatch skills and then you will work up to your 1 rep max


Adam said...

Does anyone know how much the PVC pipe weighs? that was the max I was able to do. Once again humbled by my lack of hamstring and shoulder flexibility.

ChadC said...

Just did skill work on the snatch today. Still not ready to put heavy weight overhead. I think I will add the snatch balance to the warm up for a while. thanks to Bob for the great coaching today.

kseki said...

Did WOD from CF702 today:
5 rounds
7x ring dips
21x double unders

Then worked snatch progression. This may be hard to believe, but I think the OHS skill is required before the full snatch... A skill I currently do not have.

JC said...

Couldn't make it to the gym this morning so I did a make-shift WOD at home.

800m run - 2:35
Tabata Push-Up - 13
800m run - 2:50
Tabata Sit-Up - 10

Will try and make up today's WOD or at least some technique work later this week/weekend.

Zachary said...

stayed with 65lbs and worked on form, have to get better at reaching the "pockets" part of the lift

JWM said...

Also did skill work and only worked up to 115. Great to have the coaching. Thanks agian Bob!

Anonymous said...


I just couldn't stick it. I need to work on my balance in the bottom of the squat and being tight throughout.

Kings said...


That last of the 3 pulls was causing me issues. Finally got it on my last try.

Jason said...


First time doing the snatch. Wow. Definitely a skill builder.

A solid OHS is key...and lots of practice to get the balance and coordination for the full movement.

For those not at WP and unable to attend the skill training session this AM, I found a good video at Vimeo with some snatch skill progressions. These were helpful for me today on my first snatch WOD.

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Chris M said...

Just did skill work today.Worked up to 115. Thanks to Bob for the coaching session!

Anonymous said...

Stopped at 135 lbs, although I think I could have gone further. Just wasn't comfortable with my technique. Most of us probably don't really do enough snatch work to really do this well - I'd offer that the snatch is the most technically difficult exercise we do.

On a different note, check out these sites. The first is terra plana shoes. A little pricey, but maybe a good crossfit shoe. Anyone use them? The second is a mobility WOD site that is worth checking out.

See you all tomorrow for the weekly motivation!

Anonymous said...

Terra Plana:

Mobility WOD:

Pauly D said...

Pauly D loves the snatch...he needs more practice...4 show.