Friday, 10/01/10

CrossFit Friday "Homecoming Dance"

Today is the last day to get your Black & Gold CrossFit shirts for $20.  After today the price will go up to $22.  Bring your cash to TH286D and I will have shirts available there.

Since this is homecoming weekend, we are going to head up to Michie Stadium for a special WOD we are calling the "Homecoming Dance"

This is going to be an awesome buddy WOD.  Bring a friend and warm-up by jogging to Michie Stadium.  You and your buddy will start in one of the four corners.  At each corner, you have 150 reps of an exercise to complete as a team.  Here is a brief description of each exercise:

Squats - The standard is here.  You need to squat down until the crease of your hip at or below the knee.  Both partners can work squats at the same time.

Elevated push-ups: You will elevate your legs on your partner's back.  You have to do a total of 150 reps between the two partners but how you divide them is up to your pair.  Because one person is the "leg support" for ther other person, only one of you will work at a time.

Mountain climbers - Watch this video.  You can both work at the same time to complete a total of 150 reps.

Rocky sit-ups - One partner will kneel down and the other partner will anchor their legs on top of the first partner's back.  You will come up until your left elbow touches your right knee and then twist until your right elbow touches your left knee.  Alternate on the next rep. 

Buddy drag - This is similar to the "one man drag" in this video except that you will support your buddy under their arms instead of by grabbing their shirt.

Wheelbarrow - Check out this video for the ultimate human wheelbarrow transition!

You will finish the WOD by doing buddy lunges from your final corner to the center of the field.  This is like a three-leg race except you will be lunging instead of running.


JWM said...

16:50 with Josh

That was a really fun WOD. After you get totally soaked (which took about 23 seconds) then you hardly notice the rain!

The last ten lunges were killer!

Adam said...

The rain scared me off, but I punished myself in the '62 room with a Tabata Torture:

Push up tabata: 13
10 Pull ups
Sit up tabata: 14
10 Pull ups
Air squat tabata: 15
10 Pull ups
I attempted a Double Under tabata, but it was a big FAIL, so I just finished with 200 D/Us & 10 pull ups.

Tough workout and took about 30 mins.

ErinM said...

I ran out to Michie Stadium and there was no one there. I got soaked in the rain for a while, ran back to Arvin, and did the workout with Mike in the 4th floor gym.


Though buddy drags were a little unequitable.

SG said...

20 something...based on the other team times.
Thanks to Josh for getting me through a tough, but fun, workout. Appreciate the guys who made it up to the stadium, and sorry to Erin for missing you. Beat the Owls!

Pauly D said...

Had to pull one of my favorites out today. I call it the Pauly D.

4 Rounds for time:
10 HSPU (band assisted)
10 Pull ups
10 53 lb kettle swings
10 toes to bar
Gym Loop

Time: 15:25

I'll be spinnin records in Providence this weekend...check me out

Nate said...

did the pauly d. smoker. 16:45.

Tex said...

First, thanks to everyone who tried out and who helped support us in the mornings. I'll have the rankings out soon and let everyone know who is going to be representing us in the 2nd Annual Black and Blue Comp.

I did the tryout WOD from this afternoon with some modifications:
15-10-5 of:
225lbs DL
2 pood KBS
run to Hayes and back
squat to dead-hang pull-up

The squat/pull-up combo was the result of the staff closing Hayes because of old grads' kids.

Tex said...

Whoops: 7:59

JC said...

16:50 w/ Jake

Crossfit in the rain, doesn't get any better than that.