Saturday, 09/04/10 - Sunday, 09/05/10

Rest Days.


Something to think about over the weekend.  According to Derek Sivers we should keep our goals to ourselves.  Set some fitness goals for yourself but don't tell anybody what they are....

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Zachary said...

At the local affilate this morning I did the following workouts:

7 min AMRAP of
-5 med ball squat cleans to wall ball
-10 box jumps
-15 KB swings
I got 5 rounds and change.

21-15-9 reps of
-Trukish Get-Ups (switching the weight to a different hand after each rep)
-Modified Sots Presses
Took about 15 min.

Here's a video of the sots presses. We pressed a bar from behind our head, while the video uses kettlebells with a twist.