Tuesday, 09/07/10

This is a WOD we found from the programming gurus up at CrossFit New England.

"Lemon Drop"
5 rounds for time of:
25 Push ups
25 Box Jumps (24")
25 Kettlebell swings (53/35)

This is a pretty long workout so get ready for some work!

Post time to comments.


Zachary said...


Using the 53lb KB the first 3 rounds killed me

JWM said...

15:52 as Rx'd


Adam said...

22:15 with 35lb KB. Has to be the hardest workout we've done yet.
I'm taking PMI.

SG said...

25:02 as rx'd

Good to see the Supe, Dean, and Comm all in the '62 Room today!

Mac said...

15:14. Yeah, that was pretty brutal. The box jumps pretty much took everything out of me.

Bobby said...

15:17 as rx'd. Box jumps killed.

RmeHiDr8n said...

17:08 as Rx'd

Good times

MikeRothenb said...


the push-ups on the fourth round were from the knees.

Humbled once again

ChadC said...

Working one day behind this week.

9:25 as rx'd

looking at the posts...can't wait for this one tomorrow!

kseki said...

18:32 as Rx'd

Kings said...

19:03 as Rxed. That took a lot out of me. I could feel my legs from yesterday on every jump.

Did Jackie yesterday in 6:47. Short of my PR by 12 seconds. It's amazing how much faster you go with someone else.

Pauly D said...

Still hurting from the blow out-end of summer- Shore Weekend...Seaside Heights!
See you next summer.

JWM said...

Kings, way to go on Jackie! That is smoking...

Kings said...

JWM, I credit the guys down at CrossFit RVA. That was the 1st time that I broke the 7 minute mark. I was chasing some guys down there that were almost breaking the 6 minute mark.

Joseph said...

18:21, on 3 hours of sleep/ did alone (thanks physics). amazing to see the difference having someone there to push you makes.

njc said...


The highest box I could get was about 14"
KB scaled after the first round.

First workout like this in a while, and it definitely isn't the same doing it alone. I miss you Bobby.

Jason said...


My first CrossFit WOD...working out at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Maryland.

Go Army! USMA '00

ErinM said...

19:20 (scaled box jumps)
Glad that someone was there doing it at the same time for motivation!

Tam said...

25:13, I absolutely felt every bit of this. I did stick with the
35lb KB the entire 5 rounds. Big improvement. Someone hid the 24lb KB! Thanks! :-)

Tex said...

12:45 as rx'd
First time with KBS since my injury. Felt really good.

To follow up on TAM, someone moved all of the low-weight KBs somewhere. If you did, put them back, please.

rhett said...

16 minutes

@ MWR gym, so 50# KB.

JC said...


Scaled to 35lb. KBs to keep up the intensity. Legs didn't want to work after all the box jumps. I'm sure that will make tomorrow's WOD all the more fun!

Dev said...

15:56 as Rx'd.

Had to break up the kettlebell sets into sets of 10-10-5 the last 2 sets.

baby huey said...


Kings said...

Today's workout: 18:03.
Correction to my last post. Having trouble reading time correctly.

ChadC said...

19:28 as rx'd

Maj said...

knocked out a different WOD
3rds for time
10 toes to bar
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 squats


jr said...

17:25 as rx'd
painful WOD!

JRP said...

15:38 as Rx'd. Working from Schofield Barracks, HI. USMA, '08.