Wednesday, 09/29/10

We will meet in Hayes Gym for this WOD. Head into Hayes and meet under the IOCT shelf where we will brief the WOD.

Five rounds for time:
10 burpees
Run to ropes
Rope climb to track level
1 lap with medicine ball
1/2 lap without medicine ball
Take stairs opposite the ropes back to the 2nd floor entrance of Hayes gym.

Post time to comments.


ErinM said...

13:07 as RXed (hopefully I can say that more and more often from hereon out)

JWM said...

10:54 as Rx'd

Adam said...

12:44 - good times, I always love Hayes Gym, especially when I'm not required to run the IOCT.

kseki said...

Since I didn't do the final WOD for FitComp this weekend, thought I would try it today... Scaled and modified of course.
95# Ground to Overhead x20
100#sandbag drag x 4times across mat
70#KB Farmers Carry x 4times across mat
Gym Loop

Pauly D said...

12:39 of fun.

Kings said...

A workout behind so completed yesterday's HPC & DU combo. Decided to increase by a little over 10% because I was late. Used 150 for HPC's. Finished in 4:09.

Will have to hit today's workout later today or tomorrow.

Nate said...

14:01. awesome WOD.

jswobe said...

Not being near Hayes and the IOCT (almost makes me sad...almost...), todays B&G WOD was out of reach. I hit the WOD:

AMRAP 20 mins:
95 pound Push press, 10 reps
10 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

8 rounds + 5 PP

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


Since Hawaii doesn't have Hayes Gym, and definitely not the IOCT (as jswobe said, it "almost makes me sad...almost...) I did a WOD that semi-mimics the movements. I will have Hayes Gym soon enough though.

6 rounds for time of:
25 x Burpees
400 meter run


I somehow did every set of burpees unbroken. That is definitely a first for me. It is actually easier to keep going than to stop. You don't feel the pain until you stop.

Kings said...


Ropes were definitely the slowest part of the workout.

JC said...

15:25 Rope climbs are a total goat. Tried to make up for it on the track laps.

Tex said...

I really underestimated this one.